Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Knitwear, Parallel Politics, Drop One Pearl One...

Look I have to say WTF, its not often you get FASHION & POLITICS & KNITWEAR  all sharing a major global platform. Forget the big scarf project. Fashion Light-Weight! I don't think so. Look at these three heavy weight political commentators and their personal take on knitwear. Three views and three different takes on jumpers. And who has the most laid back 'conservative' jumper?  Julian Assange - wearing the same soft 'Business' jumper as his opponents I am sure are wearing; interesting. I think Julian might be working the 'William Burroughs' concept of 'fitting in and flying under the radar' here. Too late my man but kudos you; your fashion select.  Noam has a more military knit style jumper; no surprise there; he is fighting for real Democracy, and Tariq has a more casual classic cable knit. Fashion is everywhere; don't be shy, choose your weapon!

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