Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evening Gowns at The Strand Arcade

Last night was the Final Year Ultimo TAFE Student, Ball Gown Parade at the Strand Arcade in Sydney. As I photographed one of the students ranges about ten days ago I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to this Gala event. As one would expect the fashion students had pulled out all stops in creating some truly dazzling evening gowns. 

However, when wearing my 'Street Photography' hat its not the Gowns that I am there to shoot its the people in attendance. I spotted these two with a couple of their friends early on in the night and was managed to get off a shot of them in Pitt Street during a ciggie break after the show, before the final announcements. As it turned out the both work for a well known Sydney designer with the lovely lady on the right having completed the same design course only two years ago.

Two of the models from the parade. Agh; it seems runway make-up is a lot heavier than the make-up we use for shooting fashion! I have had the pleasure of photographing Sarah on the left several times in the studio & on location.

There's no point going for the shots someone else will get. Here's a top down view of the runway running right down the center of the Strand Arcade; my 'brother' photographers are forming a tight posse in the photographers pit at the bottom of the shot.

Thanks to the Students, Teachers and Sponsers for putting on a great show

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