Monday, March 24, 2014

Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Not just for cycling in the rain..

It's nice to be selected to review this new Levi's Modular Commuter Parka or rain jacket if-you-prefer on Street Fashion Sydney; and although I am no longer doing the daily cycle commute no-matter-the-weather as I did for many many years, I am still happy to ride in the rain without worrying about it too much. One thing that does help make riding in the rain a lot more pleasant though is having a good waterproof cycling jacket so you look a lot less like a drowned rat dying of exposure when you arrive at your destination. The 2014 Levi's Modular Commuter Parka seems to tick most of the boxes that I like to have ticked for a good dry ride. It's lightweight, has fancy water resistant three-layer fabric; vented in the back (top yoke), has a zip out hood correctly sized to cover your skid-lid. While the parka may not be bright yellow or orange (thank god), it is a nice drab green-grey or light Khaki with the all important reflective strips detailing the lower back seams and sleeve seams on the front shoulder.

Self portrait wearing the Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Rain Jacket - Street Fashion Sydney, Fuji X-Pro1

Levi's menswear fashion - Flat lay photograph - bike and grass, Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Photography by Kent Johnson.
All stitching and seams are sealed, that's the black tape everywhere.. I love the brass clips, zip toggles and Levi's trademark rivet on the sleeves. Of course its not really wet weather gear unless it keeps you dry. Unfortunately even though there are storms on their way.. at time of writing the best I have been able to do by way of weather testing is to give the parka/jacket a pretty good hose-down in the back yard with an additional strong jet of spray onto the zipper breast pocket into which I had stuffed a tissue. The tissue I am please to say emerged bone dry, so perhaps one can safely ride in the wet with the mobile phone on the outer layer; zipped-in nice and dry and safe and sound. The zip out hood looks like it will solve the water down the back of the neck problem; my only concern is that the tail might have been a bit longer. But then I have never had a jacket that had enough tail to cover my ass so who cares! The up side is you won't look like a dork wearing a bright yellow 'morning coat' when you step off the bike; which means this rain jacket will be just as useful off the bike as on. During a commute I would be wearing Lycra cycle shorts anyway and change at my destination; but it would perhaps be nice to invest in a pair the Levi's commuter trousers (size 34 waist by the way) so one could take a casual urban ride in iffy weather and not worry about the wet bum issue; actually some shorts would be nice too! Maybe in the next range.

Inside view, zips, vent mesh, taped seams, Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Photography by Kent Johnson.
And I know you are all dying to know why the jacket has been labelled with the moniker 'modular'; its because you can zip in the City Hybrid Trucker jacket which looks pretty good too; though I suspect would make for a much too warm cycling experience in Sydney in all but the coldest of weather; at least if you were covering any significant distance. So this looks like a great jacket; its certainly comfortable to wear and cycle in. At 6'4" the XL size has the right arm length when reaching to the bars, as you do.. I like the three pockets but beware of putting anything electronic in those patch pockets; I'm sure those flaps work - just as long as they stay out! Not too much reflective tape (though some will disagree) I for one prefer not to look like a target on the road side.. and Velcro sleeve tabs at the wrist to adjust for air and waterproofing.

Water spray testing, Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Selfie wearing the Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Rain Jacket - Street Fashion Sydney, Fuji X-Pro1

Jacket side view while riding, Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Photo by vivalaViv

Parka three quarter back view while riding, Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Photo by vivalaViv

Jacket open, riding bike, Levi's Modular Commuter Parka. Photo by vivalaViv

Portrait against grafitti wall; mountain bike, menswear fashion Levi's Modular Commuter Parka - Street Fashion Sydney.

Of course the Levi's Modular Commuter Parka looks good, even if it's looking too-new at the moment; that's nothing a few wet rides won't fix.

Thanks to fellow blogger Vivienne from vivalaViv for wrangling the Fuji X-Pro1 and making our cycling action shots and final portrait.

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Thanks to Levi's Australia @levis_anz and Sweaty Betty PR @sweatybettypr for supplying the #leviscommuter.

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Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

If it suits the Artist - So be it!

Well as you all know its Art Month here in Sydney and the weather, apart from a bit of a quickie storm this afternoon.. has been a lovely and sunny Autumn seemingly reversing itself back into Summer. In a nutshell you may still wear what you like. So it is nice to see great art and a fabulous array of fashion. Friday night I attend the exhibition Elan of Trenton Shipley at Gallery Eight, who as it turns out is an artist after my own heart in more ways than one. Trenton's show was my second look at naked ladies on canvas inside seven days, and it is curious that both 'nude' artists should choose to wear jackets to their shows with Trenton going all-the-way in a suit with a fabulous paisley necktie and art-matching pocket handkerchief. Is this the dress of painters of the undressed? I don't know, however I will be on the lookout for more fashion signs and wonders on the naked art front.

Artist portrait, Trenton Shipley at Gallery Eight - Photo by Kent Johnson.

With all due respect, seriously; I love what I can only describe as a return to Disco Fever worn so beautifully by the lovely Hannah at Olsen Irwin last week for Tamara Dean's 'The Edge', and that's one of Tamara's art photographs right behind Hannah. Another beautiful show. Olsen Irwin was also the site of Robert Malherbe's What's there is there, an exhibition of life painting and landscapes. Robert turned out in all black with a lovely black jacket as you can see in his portrait with the beautiful large nude painting below. I just love his style of brushwork and colour, beautiful the paintings and Robert is equally charming.

Robert Malherbe artist portrait at 'What's there is there' Olsen Irwin Gallery - Photo by Kent Johnson.
Paintings by Robert Malherbe, 'What's there is there' Olsen Irwin Gallery - Photo by Kent Johnson.
Paintings by Robert Malherbe, 'What's there is there' Olsen Irwin Gallery 
Fashion looks, art crowd, Olsen Irwin Robert Malherbe exhibition. Photo by Kent Johnson.

Artist portrait, Tim Maguire at Martin Browne Contemporary Photo by Kent Johnson.
Tim Maguire's NEAR AND FAR at Martin Browne Contemporary treated us to very very large Poppy Flower paintings the NEAR; you can get a sense of the scale of these works in the portrait of Tim that I took at the opening and in the the gallery shot below . This is my second time seeing one of Tim's shows and I am struck by the beauty, the colour the details and I love the unique process he uses creating a slight colour offset. The FAR of the show is large scale light-box works but unlike the flowers which are of course greatly magnified the FAR are ponds and reflections, ripples all from a distance and of course reduced in scale to become an artwork.. all done in Tim's gorgeous colour palate.
Detail, Tim Maguire's NEAR AND FAR at Martin Browne Contemporary - Photo by Kent Johnson.

JUDE RAE at JENSEN GALLERY - Still Life with gas bottles - Photo By Kent Johnson.
20/200 Sarah Cottier Gallery
White singlets  red shorts and boots at 20/200 sarah cottier gallery - Photo by Kent Johnson.

Elan, paintings by Trenton Shipley at Gallery Eight. Photo by Kent Johnson.
Elan, Trenton Shipley at Gallery Eight
Artist portrait, Trenton Shipley in paisley tie and grey suit, pink pocket handkerchief at Gallery Eight - Photo by Kent Johnson.

if you are reading this in mid March 2014 you are in luck as all these shows are on NOW! Gallery details via web links below.

Previous Art Month Posts on Street Fashion Sydney..

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gonna show you how to walk the dog - Paddington Style.

Lazy afternoons in Paddo in early Autumn, it's still lovely and warm, not too hot though; perfect for a late afternoon walking of the dog. And in Paddington, Sydney you are going to do it with some personal style too, and meet some friends along the way, the pooches and you.

Woman walking two Jack Russell dogs in Paddington Sydney, champagne slip dress with lace hem, cotton cammo bucket hat. Photo by Kent Johnson.

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Return of the Bay City Roller's - Tartan Pants..

Well if you have any idea at all as to who or what the Bay City Rollers were I will be very surprised indeed; even I find it hard to remember what must have been one-of if-not-the-original all boy pop bands! But what I do have a hazy memory of is all things tartan, funky hair cuts - the shaggy dog?!!  And my best friend at primary schools big sister having a framed, "trod on by Woody" piece of streamer she had recovered from the stage after a show. All great stuff. Last Thursday night it was not just the launch of the new show at White Rabbit; REFORMATION (hello!) it was also a Bay City Rollers flashback for me when I saw this suitably tartan trouser attired and funky-hair-cut young man. So here's to the forgotten band who broke millions of young girls hearts and a return of men wearing tartan.

Young man wearing tartan pants with white singlet and slip on sandals, black back-pack shaggy hairstyle - White Rabbit gallery, Photo by Kent Johnson.

Various Bay City Roller promotion pictures, Google image screenshot.

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Joining Bloglovin!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Night Rider - Pink Purple - Red and Black - Smokin' Hot.

Spotted making her way from the White Rabbit REFORMATION art opening and heading (I think) to the Art Bar via the park at Central Park Broadway/Chippendale/Ultimo, does anyone really know where the old CUB brewery site that is now a pretty fabuous property development really lays.. I was headed from there-to-there too! As you do.. great new show, REFORMATION at the White Rabbit (pics below) and thank you for letting me grab this cycling, smoking and looking suave with pink hair and purple blouse shot.

Girl with pink hair and purple blouse black jeans, pink platform boots, on red bicycle at night, Chippendale Sydney - Central Park.  Photography by Kent Johnson.

Looking at the 'drawing machine' White Rabbit REFORMATION opening - Polka Dot satchel on back. Photography by Kent Johnson.
Foyer gallery and art crowd, White RAbbit, opening night REFORMATION exhibition 2014.  Photography by Kent Johnson.

Night shot the red reflectiing hovering heliostat of the Sky tower, Halo sculpture and location of the Art Bar on the 3rd floor of the creative precinct. Photography by Kent Johnson.

So lets see how Art Month shapes up this year, looks like it could be another little ripper!

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1