Monday, August 31, 2009

Joolz + Vintage Luggage Company + Oncology Children's Foundation

JOOLZ collection THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM at the VINTAGE LUGGAGE COMPANY + Fund Raising Auction for the Oncology Children's Foundation.

Not quite street fashions normal stomping ground but its all in support of a good cause. Vintage Luggage joined with the new Joolz Collection jewelry launch to support the Oncology Children's Foundation. There was no shortage of Teddy Bear buyers in support of the Foundation and the auction of a vintage LV trunk secured an additional $5000.

If you spot anything here that tickles your fancy you can check it all out at 18 Bay Street Double Bay darlings.

Models and Joolz Jewelry
Oncology Bears, Sydney Models and Jewels by Joolz

Auction in Action
The Auction begins!

The Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk
The Vintage Vuitton

Auction watchers
The Auction continues...

Auction watchers
How high will it go?

Auction Watchers with a clutch of Bears.
Can we bear the excitment !~)

Red Shawl
My Fav 'street' fashion piece of the night, the Red Shawl.

Jewels by Joolz
Jewels by Joolz

Louis Vuitton trunks and poster
More Vintage Luggage

From their web site

"Oncology Children's Foundation
Make tomorrow a reality for kids with cancer

The Oncology Children's Foundation (OCF) is a not-for-profit children's charity dedicated to finding a cure for sick and critically ill children suffering from cancer, leukaemia and other serious cancer related illnesses. In Australia today more children die of oncology related conditions than any other disease."

If you would like to make a donation please contact the foundation using the link below.

Thanks to Rosemary for the invite & everyone who made it such a great night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art, Art Students & Styling the Shoe.

Is it the Global Financial Crisis or just that I have not been attending enough Art Student shows? I don't know what it is but Cool is Back! All the mixing and matching from thrift shop to the high street. I love it!

Boxing Boots

Tounges Out, Dessert Boots

Gallery Wall, Jeans Shoes & High Heels

Heels Thongs & Runners on the street

Dress Thongs On The Street

Great show, affordable art work, worth a look.

Mils Gallery.