Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BIO-DIESEL ISLAND - The New Green Option...

If this campaign is meant to piss off people over a certain age, well I guess it works, well at least from a copy-writing point of view it works at pissing me off. "THE LEAST F*****D UP COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" Fuck yeah, the world IS FUCKED! I mean Hello... But is that really going to sell more jeans? I guess that depends on your demographic, the worlds sucks, I know, lets go shopping. The worlds sucks, I think i'm gunna slash my wrists!

Thank god there were plenty of Peroni Beers, no end of great catering including the biggest (but only just) paella I have ever seen, cocktails, and security to keep the wild natives of Sydney (no problem with the Melbourne or Perth ring-ins) on track and on-message for the onslaught of Diesel Island Downunder.

Special DJ Alexandra Richards spun real vinyl, The 'Pioneers' sung the anthem of the island, now that was interesting! And by and large I had a great time and meet some lovely people too. And while doing my research, I 'discovered' like a great Pioneer myself that the fantastic photography for the campaign was shot by Guy Aroch (link below), now if I could just land myself a nice little gig like the Diesel Island campaign I might be able to afford more negativity in my life too !~)


Alexandra Richard arrives at DIESEL ISLAND surrounded by Photographers, Sun Studio Sydney



Fashion Crowd at Sun Studios Sydney for DIESEL ISLAND: THE LEAST F*****D UP COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

MAle Model Fashion Portrait at Sun Studios Sydney for DIESEL ISLAND: THE LEAST F*****D UP COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

Female Fashion Portrait at Sun Studios Sydney for DIESEL ISLAND: THE LEAST F*****D UP COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

Stylist in a Fashion Portrait at Sun Studios Sydney for DIESEL ISLAND: THE LEAST F*****D UP COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

we prevent Attacks by being laid back! DIESEL ISLAND: THE LEAST F*****D UP COUNTRY IN THE WORLD


But then, this is fashion, we have been there before, this time its the same, same only different. A bonus tune from back-in-the-day..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Fall of Rome & Fashion Follows - It didn't happen overnight...

Or is that the fall of fashion photography, it didn't happen overnight but it did happen! While SFS does not normally critique the bad in the world, after all, mother always said "if you haven't something nice to say dear then its best to say nothing at all". But enough I say; when that bellwether of Fashion Photography, superstar shooter Steve Meisel starts to bend to the pressures of what looks to me like; lets shoot the stills and the video together AKA, the top end of fashion is trying to save money-while hoping you will keep spending yours...

Yes I know this sort of campaign shooting business of stills with video-on-set has been going on for quite a while (& yes this seems to be video with stills (OK?)), but it has created all sorts of worrying trends. What worries me most about this campaign and you can view it yourself below, is that we have an indisputable Master of Fashion Photography; Meisel sacrificing first rate stills for second rate video. Turn down the sound and watch its not pretty. Sure its a bit of fun, nothing wrong with that. And if this is a campaign designed around the idea of; "if you can't dance at least you can wear Lanvin", then that would be great but I would be surprised if that were the case.

Lanvin Fall 2011 Campaign | Raquel Zimmermann & Karen Elson by Steven Meisel

You can view the not-what-you-would-expect stills from Steven Meisel over here at Fashion Gone Rouge, and rouge indeed it is this time!

Come on Steve; fashion needs you; lets not all have our heads turned by moving pictures, Stills still have their place and retain their power; you-can't-tell the-girls-can't-dance in a great still shot like we have come to expect from you.

So Is Fashion Photography Dead?

We will leave that for you to decide, but remember dear readers; you heard it here first at Street Fashion Sydney. Sometimes it helps to be a long way from Paris and New York!

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Oh, and remember, its Fashion, its all been done before!

Cigdem Aydemir - Burqa Clad Rickshaw...

Cigdem Aydemir,  Burqa Clad Rickshaw, Contested Territory, The Vanising Point Newtown

Cigdem Aydemir,  Burqa Clad Rickshaw, moving in traffic.

King Street outside The Vanishing Point Gallery 2011, Night

Cigdem Aydemir,  Burqa Clad Rickshaw, with passengers.

Cigdem Aydemir,  Burqa Clad Rickshaw, speeding along King Street Newtown
I first met 'Ciggie' back in 2007 when I shot her COFA graduate pieces, Dressing the Void which was also one of my earliest blog posts. loved this performance piece, thanks for more great thought provoking art Ciggie!

Contested Territory 11 - 28 August 2011 Curated by Luisa Velasco, At The Vanishing Point Newtown Sydney.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Five Days in Pommery - Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney..

Well I do wish I was spending the next five, Four days at the Westfield, Pommery 'Pop-Up' Champagne Cube! It's here for less than a week so you will need to be quick! And as readers will know from when I attended the Esprit ICON store launch here last December, I remarked how much it was like dropping into that friendly boutique, where-they-know-you and you know them; having a glass of wine or champagne and its all very much a real, and yes I will repeat those words; a friendly and real relationship. Its great to see this collaboration between Westfield and Pommery who for a short time are recreating this fabulous laid-back shopping experience. Actually the very first thing my friend Kat said after arriving was "they should keep this here", and I think I tend to agree. But then it would-not be a Pop-Up would it.

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Being served with Champagne

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Guests at the Bar

ommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Champagne in the Pommery ice bucket, yumm!
All this kind of wonderful is taking place on level 3, the Luxury level of Westfield Sydney; I am not even going to begin to start mentioning the Labels and Brands, its enough to say that as an art student and aspiring fashion photographer 'back in the day' these were the Brands you could only experience overseas! But as an older and hopefully wiser man (and a photographer who just is and no longer aspiring); I also tend to think of wider concerns than that of fashion alone.

So one of the things I really loved about this launch was discovering that Pommery is supporting and collaborating with artists thorough label design for the 'POP' range of champagne, and the next limited edition range has been designed by Australian Aboriginal artist Sarrita King. Street Fashion Sydney is proud to have exclusive shots of the designs shown below.

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Pommery POP Aboriginal Art Limited edition by Sarrita King, Exclusive Picture from Pommery!
Artist Sarrita King, Pommery POP Label, picture EXCLUSIVE!

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Retro Mirror Ball lights, and crowd listening to the launch speeches.

Becasse Maroons at the Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney

Kat & I at the Pommery Champagne Cube Launch, Westfield Sydney.
Well I had a great time (so did Kat), the Champers was, yes Divine! And all the while; I was also thinking about Valda's and Andrew's Opera Recital from the night before.. How great it is that we have the Arts, we have Fashion, we have Music, we have Voices, and we have voices like Andrew's and Valda's (who by next week will be two Aussies back singing in Germany) and whom in Pommery we have a commercial voice supporting the Arts. Now thats something I really Love, Love, Love!

Valda Wilson and Andrew Finden after their recital of Opera songs, August 15 2011 at the Paddington Uniting Church Paddington Sydney.

Much thanks to,

Westfield Sydney

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

West Newtown AKA Enmore + Paddington Too..

For our International readers I think its important to point out that in good Ol' Sydney town the term 'West' is often used in a pejorative sense. Western Sydney is not just a place west of the CBD it is a whole other world &, thank-whomever that Sydney University is only just west of the CBD because this writer at least has heard of people who have NEVER been further west than than those hallowed halls of education... Yes there is right here in Sydney something of a classic East West divide and while once it was more to do with wealth and possibly education it now plays out, so-I-believe along more international lines as well. And why am I telling you all this (quite dubious) information? Possibly its because while I have heard of North Newtown and South Newtown; I have never heard of East or West Newtown, and in a free association kind of way as-you-do or as I do anyway I started thinking about 'this' and 'that' and if you never went west of Sydney Uni you would probably never have the opportunity to try the amazingly lovely and tastey Gelato at the Moon & Cow Gelato bar on Enmore Road-now officially unofficially christened by me as West Newtown Road!!!

Cow & Moon Enmore, Shoes at night in the Gelato Shop
Anyway as you can see in the picture(s) above taken one recent evening at the 'Cow Bar' or 'Moon' if you more hipply prefer, ppl do wear a range of shoes, pants and leggings (yet to see Meggings) to the 'Cow' and as this is Street Fashion Sydney I thought it best I show you some of those shoes! And speaking of Street Fashion I managed to get-off a shot of Paul Adair at the launch of his show at Stills gallery in Paddington; I quite liked his Fred Perry polo shirt and dapper beret. His show as best I could tell was traditional film based photographs of fountains even more traditionally printed in a yellow colour. Possibly not a show you want to free associate the colour scheme and subject matter; at least if you are on the sensitive side when thinking of bodily function.

Portrait of PAUL ADAIR, A.S.S (Artificial Spatial Systems), Opening at Stills Gallery Sydney
Argentina Boots and Blue jeans, sitting on the grass in a Marrickville backyardContinuing on with the footwear and Newtown theme; a friend recently returned from Argentina dropped by to visit wearing her new Argentine boots which (said with a lovely South American accent),
"have been getting a lot of attention from the other women when I go walking along King Street". Well no surprise there!

Portrait of Del Kathryn Barton at Roslyn Oxley9 for satellite fade-out
And a few weeks ago (sorry I really should have posted this one much earlier) I got to meet Del Kathryn Barton at her floor talk about her show at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery. What a sweetie, not only did she allow me to snap a portrait of her with one of her works; I asked her if they were all self portraits of a sort & imagined I heard her reply "yes" though I think she really said nothing on the matter at all... And perhaps being a former resident of North-West Newtown (with a left hand turn) AKA Stanmore; she politely listend to my little theory about how she was totally on top of the game by bringing together busy (think what ppl do on facebook) and Classic art not to mention that Klimt Vienna Secession thing too..

Del Kathryn Barton, satellite fade-out

And if you managed to read through all that and understood any of it at all, perhaps you would be kind enough to leave a brief synopsis of this post in the comments section below. I really don't know why we don't get more...

Cow and the Moon

Stills Gallery

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

sixtoeight review Del & Marley Dawson at, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Till next time. Or maybe see you at the Cow!