Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mark Bode at China Heights and a lot of Tattoos too..

Well if it's Friday night it's China Heights; and this Friday it's international Graffiti, Comic and Tattoo artist Mark Bode. Talking with some of the people in attendance it is pretty clear that he is a legend in his genre and it was all pretty bloody cool at that; just like the crowd. Of course each different artist that exhibits at China Heights brings with them a different style of crowd and that's what I love. Having just delivered a Sydney 'Street Snap' for next months Nylon Japan  in collaboration with street style colleague Xiaohan Shen  and having marched and stood still all over Sydney in the often slim hope of finding Street Style; its nice to go out  and see so much style as well as great art all in one place.

Artist Portrait of Mark Bode at China Heights Gallery600Crp_6443 Mark Bode exhibition at China Heights gallery, man with tattoo on neck photographing orginal drawings by Mark. Red shoes and spotted denim mens shorts 600-Adj_6438 Yellow Shoes Vinyl Dress 600Adj_6428 Pink Hairs and Calf tattoos at China Heights Gallery Sydney 600-Adj_6434 Modern Mohawk and Beard, new hipster style at China Heights 600-Adj_6409 Modern and retro dresses at China Heights 600-Adj_6402

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Model Style - Model Lives - LMFF Sydney Casting

Well I know Street Fashion Sydney (SFS) does on occasion shoot a runway parade but we have never written up a casting before. And bless AMPR who have been inviting SFS to Melbourne; yes I hear you Melbourne-Fashion Festival events in Sydney for quite a while now! That even though we have never written anything up...until now about our southern cousins Fashion Festival down there... We are doing it now.. But not so much about the festival; more on that later; media pass return ticket and accommodation pending; we all have dreams

And I know a lot of you have dreams too, we all do; and have been watching Australia's Next Top Model and do wonder "what does a model wear to a casting", a real casting - not a casting you see on TV? So Street Fashion Sydney are taking you there with thanks to  L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

This is as real as it gets.

Three models waiting for casting, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
French Fashion Model 'Chic' L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
Fashion Model' Priscillas' denim shorts and singlet L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
Fashion Model 'Viviens' in Black Jeans and Singlet, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
Fashion Model, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
But no matter how tall you are (and you are very tall indeed) or what you wear.. It all happens with the panel selecting the models - and good to see; model comp cards are still part of the currency of modelling! Its not all about pictures on the Internet you know. And if you keep scrolling down you will also see the room - long and empty - YOU ARE A MODEL YOU MUST WALK - HERE FIRST!, before walking on the runway... Lets face it; being a model is not as easy as people often assume. Its one thing to walk a parade not easy in itself; but before a panel before you can walk the parade; that's another type of fashion runway altogether!
Casting, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
Casting Panel Sydney L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
Model Comp Cards, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival LMFF
Casting Room Menzies Hotel Sydney LMFF  2012
Doorway with sheet, LMFF Casting Menzies Hotel Sydney 2012

But I have to say everyone was great; the models were lovely and friendly and the LMFF team was very friendly too. And who were the models? Well they were of course from Viviens, Priscillas, Chic and Chadwicks and; not surprisingly even in the small demographic (tall though they were) were also from around Australia and around the world - but then that is the world of modelling.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

SNO + Rona Green 'Strokin'' at Australian Galleries

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Strokin' by Rona Green and 'Alone Together' by Dean Brown at Australian Galleries in Glenmore Road Paddington Sydney. Both are highly distinctive shows (I have a sneaking feeling I saw Dean's graduate show on similar subject matter a few years back..) and I think definite must-sees if you are cruzing the Paddo area.
I asked Rona if any of the pictures were inspired by French Fashion designers... Apparently they were not though one of my favourits 'The Surgeon 2010' certainly reminded me of that English French Designer John Galliano who I am sure is a huge fan of Rainer Weiner Fassbinder's film 'Querelle' which the show reminded me of as well! I have posted a clip from Querelle way down below. Rona Green,
Rona Green Artists Portrait at Australian Galleries Paddington SydneyGreasy Rhys, catalogue Cover, Rona Green at Australian Galleries Glenmore Road Paddington Damarques 2011 by Rona Green catalogue shot, Latti & Lady 2010 at Australian Galleries Glenmore Road Paddington

And by way of attempting just a little bit to make up for my lack of posting; I also attended the opening of SNO 78 in Marrickville recently. This show which ends on the 4th of next month is quite thought provoking in a completely different way and is also highly recommended.

Shannon Lyons & David Attwood Artists Portrait at SNO 78 Marrickville Sydney

Matt Henry Artist Portrait with 'from the series 16:9' SNO 78 Marrickville Sydney

And for those who are wondering about 
Querelle here is a taster; its Nautical but Nice & quite possibly NSFW...

More Street Fashion Sydney posts coming soon, and remember if you want to be an artist (as you can see above) or work for that famous mag Vogue; Black will always the New Black!