Friday, May 20, 2011

Medium : Vinyl - Hardware/Plump Galleries Enmore

What a difference 24 hours and a move to The West makes; well the inner west of the very-in Newtown/Enmore stretch-the area we never thought could manage to be cool! 'Medium : Vinyl' takes Street Fashion Sydney from Camilla's BoHo Chic you-can-buy to BoHo-Land proper and an exhibition split across Enmore Road and two exhibition spaces; Plump Space & Hardware Gallery. And although I have attended shows at Hardware before it was my first visit to Plump, though being a bit of a westie I have seen a few openings taking place as I cycled my way home.

Hardware has the saleable art and there are some great pieces I loved, a 50's dress made from 45s; still unsold when I left, a large Binary piece [0001 100 000] that sort of thing cut from, yes, records. And 'Stop Play Pause' tape deck controls on Vinyl; a double homage to analogue that was so clever and sleek I bought it myself!

Plump had the 'Art Happening' happening and the records stuck to the wall; was that an obscure Phil Spector 'Wall of Sound' reference...

Medium : Vinyl 600Crp_1921

Medium : Vinyl ; Records reflected in the window Enmore Road, Plump Space600-Adj_1918

Medium : Vinyl Gallery Patron, Black Dress & Wall Of Sound...600-Crp_1908

Medium : Vinyl, 'Stop Play Pause' tape deck controls on Vinyl 600IMG_1920

Medium : Vinyl, portrait with Hat, 600Adj_1929

Hardware Gallery outside view, Medium : Vinyl 600-Adj_1909

And considering everything 'West is Left' or at least used to be 'back-in-the-day' I will leave this post with a video of Australia's very talented Robyn Archer who's Hans Eisler/Bertolt Brecht recordings dominated my turntable in the 80s...

On till 11-06-2011, Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camilla, from Kaftan Queen to Fully-Frocked Full-Service Rock Stardom!

Camilla's AW11

Since viewing this range yesterday I have been wondering where you can go-the next step up the ladder-where do you go if you are already the Queen? Well I don't think its time for any kind of Sainthood yet but things at Camilla have definitely changed; its not just about the Kaftan anymore, no-matter how glorious they have been and continue to be.

With the Woodstock AW11 range Camilla can and will now dress you top-to-toe, layer upon layer; you can put them on-take them off; well if your gonna be that Woodstock kind of WOMAN; lets face it it could go either way. Beautiful, Glamorous and Sexy; the Woodstock Hippy & Rock & Roll feeling powers on through ranges and fully transmits that feeling; the one that really counts, that was a time of Peace & love!

Well Camilla already has a clientele of Stars of Screen & Rock; looks like its time to join the party; with Bad Moon Rising, Voodoo Child, Kozmic Blue and more. There are some pieces here that I have my beady little eyes on too; having already sent some snaps off to my Stylist with a view to our next shoot... "Awesome, Beautiful, YES!"

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection A_600-Adj_1846

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Vest detail, back. B_600_1838

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Camilla Franks enjoying her AW 11 show.  C_600_1900

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection D_600-Adj_1860

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Voodoo Child, Kaftan Leggings & Shoes E_600IMG_1865

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Leather leggings and knit coat.  F_600Clr_1839

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Bad Moon Rising Details. G_600AdjDets_1857

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Kozmic Blue Vest. H_600Adj_1871

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Kozmic Blue, shoe detail. I_600Adj_1872

Camilla AW 11 Woodstock Collection, Marakesh Kaftan & Knit Coat, Burnt Orange. J_600Adj_1879

Well in my goodie bag along with a 'Camilla' bottle of Tempus Two Pinot Chardonnay (I'll be keeping that) and some JOIWHIP & ASAYANA Tanning Lotion (well you never know) I found a Camilla Gift Voucher for $100.00! Now as they are all out of Mantans I think I will give this Voucher away to the first person who emails me here with the Address of Camilla's Flagship Store in Bondi! Too easy & the link to the Camilla website is below.

And if you are wondering if Classics can be reinterpreted and made new; I will leave you with this video of Bettye LaVette covering a (Woodstock?) Led Zep song and leave the decision up to you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

MEGA - Longing To Be.. at China Heights

MEGA - Longing To Be Knotted Together at China Heights Gallery.

MEGA is from out of town and as there was just Nyk, myself, 'Dot' Girl and this guy with a neckerchief pulled over his face AKA a mask; I just knew it had to be the artist. This show fitted in quite well with my current Box-Set-Viewing of classic Spaghetti Westerns & it really was I suppose remiss of me not to ask MEGA around to knock-over a couple of Spag Westerns with me, seeing as how he is a stranger 'round these parts and all that.

MEGA, artists portrait at China Heights Gallery

But of course it would be remiss of YOU if you did not get your buttskie over to China Heights to see his show. And if you are in other parts of Australia and want to find out more about the 'Lost Boys of Bali' and their tribal ways then you are in luck; national show dates can be found here -

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Its a Mans World - Icon Brand - Ox Art Facts

But it wouldn't be nothing; NOTHING without a Woman or a Girl. So sayest The Godfather of Soul Mr James Brown and who am I to disagree!

And while I did not hear the DJs spinning any James Brown at the Oxford Art Factory on Wednesday night, they were quite rightly heavily into the Rolling Stones, who lets face it are something of a Mans Mans kind of a band who have never shied away from acknowledging their debt to The Godfather of Soul himself...

Just one look around the room and I knew it was going to be a MAN post as there were some very stylish gentlemen in attendance and of course a bevy of babes as well...

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Glasses 600aDJ_1647

Icon Brand Launch 2011 V 600_1643

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Beer 600_1650

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Hat & Smile 600Adj_1642

Icon Brand Launch 2011 USA 600_1652

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Curls & Cap 600Adj_1645

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Girl 600Adj_1638

So forget all that girly RAFW-Woo-Ha ; check out a Man's World instead. And should you require more shots you can see them at Life Without Andy here and get your fill of Icon Brand's Man's World here.

Icon Brand HS11 Pieces Of Nowhere Launch..