Friday, September 26, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll in the Pitt St Mall

Late night shopping in the Pitt Street Mall really but I couldn't help think of the mighty Finn brothers & Split Enz when I saw these three strolling along. Its all about the hair, and the clothes and thats one fine bike too! OK, 'I See Red' might have been released in 1979 but that doesn't mean the 80s aren't back. If you want the proof check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Fashion shot with hair and bike, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

This Man hails from Brooklyn but we found him working the shoes in the shop right behind him in this shot. We needed to wait for him to finish his shift before we could get his shot and I have to say this store is doing great trade!

Sploosh Tee Shirt, An American in Sydney, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

Well while Kaori & I were waiting for Simon(?) above to finish work we decided the shoe shop made a great background for the nights shots so here they are.

Blue Plaid Shirt, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

Red Jeans and Leather Jacket, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

Hat Jacket Jeans and Pointy Shoes

Its all about the accessories!

The Enz :~))

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marrickville Fashion @ The Factory

I shot these three cool guys taking a ciggie break (me and them) during the 'Sounds of Failure' gig late last month. it was a stylin' night in more ways than one.

Street Fashion Sydney, Night at the Factory

Street Fashion Sydney, Night at the Factory

Street Fashion Sydney, Night at the Factory

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buttons on the Circle Line.

Well not quite the city circle which its great because it would have been too dark in the tunnel to get this great shot. But enough about the photography lets talk about the fashion.

I love this wonderful gray coat with oversize buttons, detail pleating and quilted sash belt. Its a lovely coat but when teamed with a giant 'Button' bag and black flats with, yes a big circle buckle (or is it another giant button!) you end up with a great looking outfit.

Kudos to the wearer who not only allowed herself to be photographed by the slightly strange guy reading British Vogue, but was also kind enough to change seats so I could get a better shot!

I spotted a similar gray wool coat being sported by another young lady as I continued my journey out to North Sydney. Unfortunately this shy creature was not prepared to commit to a photograph so I will have to report her outfit from memory.

Similar coat (I thought it was the same at the time). Tight blue jeans with ripping around the knees, white tee and white plimsolls. teamed with, wait for it; a lovely black leather bag with large silver/chrome rings!

All in one train trip, lucky me.