Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Launch My Label- *Flash* Kapow!

I was going to title this Blog, 'Why I am the worst best runway photographer in the Universe'  but then I decided that would be far to controversial a title and decided to go with the more pedestrian one above. Yes I have been coaxed yet again to attend a Fashion Show, this time Launch My Label by Chic Petite Events. "This is a quarterly event ,etc etc etc emerging artists, organisations and talented young people to effectively launch their label in the Australian market."

Well that is definitely a good thing & as my readers will know I am becoming quite familiar with the new phenomenon of Fashion as Entertainment! This time I found myself in the photographers 'pit' with a view to doing some real runway shots, well why not. The problem was that I was a bit lazy last night and while I did take my bigger camera I decided to leave my flash behind as I hate carrying too much stuff around. I thought well, I will just make-do.

Making-Do has its own special surprises though and last night it was that as the models made their way to the end of the (short) Runway the spotlights which were only on one side only really illuminated their bodies not their heads. Of course if you were just watching the show you probably would not even notice this but my camera certainly did and I very quickly had to decide if my next Blog would be about 'Headless models on the Catwalk, We only show the clothes'. Ah Catwalk, thats a phrase I far prefer to Runway!

No; headless models would never do, they would never forgive me. Everyone else with a camera was however using flash, they were firing off all around me from every conceivable direction. I thought "you know theres plenty of light going on here I just need to use it", and so I did setting my camera to long exposure and coming up with a kind of beautiful, 'Village of the Dammed' version of Launch My Label that I am sure will be far more entertaining to my readers than any normal runway pictures could ever be.


Launch My Label, 02_600_Adj_9875

Launch My Label, 03_600_Adj_9857

Launch My Label, 04_600_Adj_9811

Launch My Label, 05_600_Adj_9894

Launch My Label, 06_600_Adj_9899

Launch My Label, 07_600_AdjCrp_9926

Launch My Label, 08_600_Adj_9913

Launch My Label, 09_600_Adj_9949

Launch My Label, 10_600_Adj_9934

After the show we, (my photographer friend & I) headed backstage to meet the designers & models and congratulate everyone on a job well done. I was telling everyone "no I don't shoot runway I'm a photographer, but I do have a blog called Street Fashion Sydney". And we were all swapping cards and stories as you do! My cards which are quite big and look like this,

Kirstin Kent Johnson Photographyor this
Adele, Kent Johnson Photographyor this
Chantal, Kent Johnson Photography

Seemed to go down quite well.

But its not about us, its about the designers who last night were, 
Carmen Steane
Clover Love
Laura Maidment
Samantha Chan
Rebekah Anne Fashion

Coco Liberace

As these are emerging designers I think the best way to find them will be to cut and paste their names into that search bar thingie at the top of your Facebook page. Everyone has  a Facebook page & I suspect they do too. You can 'follow' Chic Petite Here.

And if you are at a loose end tonight, The Amnesty International Australia Artists Network has a photography exhibition at Carriageworks, Journey To Freedom. See you all there.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dream Girl 2010 Sydney Australia

20 Girls... From 15 different parts of the world ...

A series of 10 portraits I took of the participants in the inaugural Dream Girl Pageant launch last week. Full details about the pageant can be found below along with a link to the Dream Girl website. And yes I have reproduced the press release in full. Street Fashion Sydney had a lovely time at the opening at Bay Leaf restaurant in Crows Nest, all the participants seemed very well informed about the issues Dream Girl is addressing and then there was some very tasty food as well.


Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010 Portraits

Dream Girl 2010

Australia's first ever multi cultural beauty pageant, Dream Girl 2010 is bought to you by Pratibimb (Indian Cultural Community Inc). Indian Cultural Community is a Non Profit organization that helps and supports cultural and multi cultural events to showcase diverse local and national talents. It is established to help discover, and promote different cultures around Australia.

This Pageant is designed to showcase talents of today's modern girls in Australia, who are well aware of their culture as well as their present surroundings. It will embrace the Australian culture, as well as other cultures involved to show the best of both the worlds. The event will be held on 23rd October 2010. We're looking for one girl who is diverse, refined and creative. She has to have a vision; she has to be out of this world, and of course, she has to be dreamy…

Our final winner, the Dream Girl 2010 will get the chance of a life time to visit Bollywood and meet the biggest stars and watch them shoot (all expenses paid), and that's not all, we'll also be giving her two days at the best acting school in Bombay, and the opportunity to star as a lead in an upcoming Bollywood movie!

Because Dream Girl 2010 is multi cultural and focuses on women from different backgrounds living in Australia, we would like to take this opportunity to promote crucial matters regarding women all over the world. Our 20 participants will be raising money for Breast Cancer, as well as creating awareness for IWDA (International Womens Development Agency) through out the next two months, until the 23rd October, 2010, which is when the final event will take place.

Dream Girl 2010

Best of luck to all the participants in Dream Girl 2010.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Bro Tie Night' now with ACP & RSFF!

A well rounded night indeed. Nyc & I started out at a floor talk at the Australian Center of Photography (ACP). While not my Fav talk I have attended at the ACP it was as usual informative & I particularly enjoyed hearing about Robyn Beech's experiences as to how she went about creating her iconic 80s photographs with Make Up Artist Richard Sharah.  The front gallery is full of Robyn's wonderful and familiar work and as such, its a little confronting to hear her say, "I never got booked for a job because of this work". Or something just like that.

The current line up also includes "Zeitgeist Becomes Form German Fashion Photography 1945 - 1995". For those of you who have only experienced photography in the digital age this is a must see show. Well the whole lot is must see, tomorrow is the last day so go go GO!

After the talk we headed down to the Sydney Town Hall for a drink at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival & shot the last runway show of the night. Once again I only had my little G10 on me but it seems to have been more or less up to the challenge though I will let you be the judge of that. Although these are the same frocks from Fashion Week in July it was my first time seeing them in the flesh & there was some lovely pieces on offer from the designers.

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, RSFF

Bow Ties in Pub, Sydney

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, RSFF

Bow Ties in Pub, Sydney

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, RSFF

Bow Ties in Pub, Sydney

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, RSFF

Bow Ties in Pub, Sydney

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, RSFF

After all that excitement it was time to retire to a bar and debrief the evenings events. We nipped just around the corner to Hotel Sweeney's on the corner of Clarence & Druitt Streets which if you can believe it I have never been in before.

So over a couple of beers and the sweet music of a road-saw cutting through the roadway on Druitt Street we discussed the awesomeness of the show at the ACP. Clients and money LOL! How well Sam Harris is doing as a model & the T&C on the Chic Models website...

Then out of the darkness of the night and through the pub doors strolled a posse of terribly well dressed Gentlemen in Dinner Suits & Bow Ties. It was a little like being plunged into an episode of Brideshead Revisited; only everyone had grown up and moved to Australia! My friend David Gofton used to say, "Culture, you want Culture, just go down to the TAB, theres plenty of Culture down there". And so it was and we were in the thick of it, Aussie culture, no longer the European Culture so many seem to hunger for.

Of course if you want a serving of Australian and European culture, be quick and catch the last two days of the show at the ACP in Paddingtion. Its well worth the effort.

Friday, August 6, 2010

'de MéXICO' at China Heights... Sydney!

A geographically confusing blog title I know.

Well who would have thought you would be able to attend two photographic exhibitions of Mexican 'landscape' photography in Sydney in one week! I certainly would not have thought it very likely. In fact I think its about as unlikely as turning up to a show at the very edgy indi China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills sans necktie only to find out that in this world of skinny jeans and tee-shirts as the shirt De rigueur the well dressed and cravatted male has made his return to youth culture. Its also nice to see hats and caps making a return, even that grey knit beannie is kind of dressed up with the addition of the lovely velvet jacket.

No doubt you can imagine my surprise (yes I say that all the time but I am easily surprised) when my new best friend in his red cap identified my hat as an Open Road, "and its a Stetson right". Completely right! Well he does work at the Strand Hatters as it turns out so there you go. Of course mine came from Gowings RIP sometime in the mid to late 80s but he knew that too. Apparently you can still get my hat by special order, same same including the narrow ribbon, not that wide ribbon that personally I find a little vulgar on most hats. Well worth keeping in mind for the next time I get too-drunk and sentimental and give my hat away to a friend...

Its so nice to see some young men dressed so nicely yet still retaining that artsy look. Even our artist Lance was wearing a tie, just as I did at my opening a couple of months ago. Men dressing with style is clearly back.

Red Tie, Cap, China Heights

Black Fedora, Jacket and Tie, China Heights

Beanie and Velvet Jacket, China Heights

Blue Dress Red Coat, China Heights

Lance, China Heights
The Artist, Lance Richardson.

Shoes, China Heights
Some shoes!

Thanks to Grolsch for the beer, yum!

'de MéXICO' Photographs by Lance Richardson


Monday, August 2, 2010

Island of the Dolls - Beautiful & Scary at the same time...

Monday night openings are a little unusual so thanks to Nyk for taking me along to this very interesting photography exhibition last night in Surry Hills. Sure it was absolutely terrible out in the wind and rain but once we arrived inside the gallery everything was fine. Nyk had told me that the show was documentary photography and as I took a first  glance around the walls I certainly had my doubts. It was pictures of dolls! On closer inspection however these were like no other dolly pictures I had seen before, strange, macabre, inhabiting a very peculiar and particular landscape.

As it turns out they are indeed a series of documentary photographs taken by the talented photographer David Maurice Smith a few years ago on a trip to Mexico City.  David had used his camera to frame the 'work' of one man who had left countless dolls over a period of 50 years, an offering to a child who had tragically drowned in a near by canal!

Its a beautiful series of images, the exhibition is on untill the 21st of August at  65 Foveaux st Surry Hills. Thats about 50 meters from Central, just before the Taxi service station, I am sure you all know the spot.






And something that has not happened yet...

Dutch Artists at SNO, opening this Saturday afternoon the 7th from 3PM, Level 1 175 Marrickville Rd Marrickville. if you like colour, lines, non objective art, this one is for you!