Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evening Gowns at The Strand Arcade

Last night was the Final Year Ultimo TAFE Student, Ball Gown Parade at the Strand Arcade in Sydney. As I photographed one of the students ranges about ten days ago I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to this Gala event. As one would expect the fashion students had pulled out all stops in creating some truly dazzling evening gowns. 

However, when wearing my 'Street Photography' hat its not the Gowns that I am there to shoot its the people in attendance. I spotted these two with a couple of their friends early on in the night and was managed to get off a shot of them in Pitt Street during a ciggie break after the show, before the final announcements. As it turned out the both work for a well known Sydney designer with the lovely lady on the right having completed the same design course only two years ago.

Two of the models from the parade. Agh; it seems runway make-up is a lot heavier than the make-up we use for shooting fashion! I have had the pleasure of photographing Sarah on the left several times in the studio & on location.

There's no point going for the shots someone else will get. Here's a top down view of the runway running right down the center of the Strand Arcade; my 'brother' photographers are forming a tight posse in the photographers pit at the bottom of the shot.

Thanks to the Students, Teachers and Sponsers for putting on a great show

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Medium Rare Fashion (With Extra Cheeese)!

It can be hard work finding people on the street with great fashion sense. But if you get along to a cool group art exhibition chances are you are going to be spoilt for choices in the style stakes.
That was exactly the case when Street Fashion Sydney took their camera along to the Extra Cheeese (with three e’s) opening at Medium Rare Gallery in Redfern Sydney on a very warm Friday night.
Light cotton sun frocks were in abundance along with shift dresses, tee shirts with great graphic prints and a whole host of groovy footwear from runners to heels to work boots (with floral print sun dress). Kaori was a tough taskmaster on the night making sure I did as many full length shots as possible. Thanks to everyone who stood still for the camera, Medium Rare gallery and all the Artists for hanging a great show and for all the Grolsch beer which seems to have made its way into almost every shot LOL!

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Red Tee shirts with graphic print and Hat

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Orange print Sun Dress

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Black Silk Singlet and Shorts

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Floral Print Dress & Work Boots

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Hareem Pants

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Shoes Runners & Heels

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Shoes Strappy Wedge & Runners

Street Fashion Sydney, Medium Rare Gallery, Tonkï Fashion Label
Wanda & Peter from the new Tonkï label. Wearing Tonkï of course.

Enjoy the pictures, click the image to view the larger size. And please do leave comments we love them.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll in the Pitt St Mall

Late night shopping in the Pitt Street Mall really but I couldn't help think of the mighty Finn brothers & Split Enz when I saw these three strolling along. Its all about the hair, and the clothes and thats one fine bike too! OK, 'I See Red' might have been released in 1979 but that doesn't mean the 80s aren't back. If you want the proof check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Fashion shot with hair and bike, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

This Man hails from Brooklyn but we found him working the shoes in the shop right behind him in this shot. We needed to wait for him to finish his shift before we could get his shot and I have to say this store is doing great trade!

Sploosh Tee Shirt, An American in Sydney, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

Well while Kaori & I were waiting for Simon(?) above to finish work we decided the shoe shop made a great background for the nights shots so here they are.

Blue Plaid Shirt, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

Red Jeans and Leather Jacket, Street fashion Pitt Street Sydney

Hat Jacket Jeans and Pointy Shoes

Its all about the accessories!

The Enz :~))

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marrickville Fashion @ The Factory

I shot these three cool guys taking a ciggie break (me and them) during the 'Sounds of Failure' gig late last month. it was a stylin' night in more ways than one.

Street Fashion Sydney, Night at the Factory

Street Fashion Sydney, Night at the Factory

Street Fashion Sydney, Night at the Factory

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buttons on the Circle Line.

Well not quite the city circle which its great because it would have been too dark in the tunnel to get this great shot. But enough about the photography lets talk about the fashion.

I love this wonderful gray coat with oversize buttons, detail pleating and quilted sash belt. Its a lovely coat but when teamed with a giant 'Button' bag and black flats with, yes a big circle buckle (or is it another giant button!) you end up with a great looking outfit.

Kudos to the wearer who not only allowed herself to be photographed by the slightly strange guy reading British Vogue, but was also kind enough to change seats so I could get a better shot!

I spotted a similar gray wool coat being sported by another young lady as I continued my journey out to North Sydney. Unfortunately this shy creature was not prepared to commit to a photograph so I will have to report her outfit from memory.

Similar coat (I thought it was the same at the time). Tight blue jeans with ripping around the knees, white tee and white plimsolls. teamed with, wait for it; a lovely black leather bag with large silver/chrome rings!

All in one train trip, lucky me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Off the Streets & into the Gallery

Art Openings aren't just great for viewing art they are also great venues for seeing how the art world likes to dress. This is not the world of slavish followers of fashion this is where people can get downright creative with their dress sense. Though I am not sure I nailed those shots last night as I was busy shmoozing with the artists.

Striped Jumper and Boots

Adidas tracky jacket with beanie. Akira dress and Boots.
Adidas tracky jacket with beanie. Akira dress, boots from OS & Beret.

tracy Moffat with Kent Johnson and Newell Harry with his Mum

Artisit Tracy Moffat wears an knit Maxie Dress with pearls (yours truly in need of a new suit). Artist Newell Harry with his mum, in a Denim & Tee look.

Moffat & Harry Opening, Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery Paddington Sydney. 21-08-2008.

Moffat & (me) photo by Nyk Sykes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cargo Bar & Sydney Fashion Festival a Go-Go

Well we are NEW so we didn't exactly get an invite to The Sydney Fashion Festival, PUMA Cargo Bar Event but we thought we would give it a go anyway. Not because we wanted to see the parade, no we went because we wanted to see what you, Sydney's Fashionistas and Clubbers would be wearing.

So here you are, well a few of you anyway; we had a great time and got some great shots I hope you enjoy the photos.

Click images to view the large version.

The most beautiful photographer award goes to.

Seeing double already!

The Afro is back worn with open neck 'student' shirt.

Girls Girls, its just a camera :~) View large!

Meanwhile back on George Street..

Sydney Street Fashion goes on.