Saturday, June 23, 2018

Pinky Blue - Art Student Style at Art House

Of course I find it irresistible to photograph someone who coordinates so well with a work of art - even if it means I end up with a personal conflict of interest if I photograph the artist too! And I am please to say I did indeed manage a portrait of the artist who's artwork you see here, James Ettelson at the opening of his show Everything Is at Art House gallery in Sydney. It's showing now and it's beautiful. How will I resolve this conflict? Easy - by asking you to check out Andrew's portrait over on my Street Fashion Sydney Facebook page, along with some other shots from the show; and.. while there don't for get to subscribe to my page! It's an easy way to keep up to date.
Pinky Blue - Art Student Style at Art House. A beautiful young woman wearing blue leather jacket, pink tee shirth beret with pin, paint smeared engineers dungarees, open fishnet gloves.. Painting by James Ettelson. Photograph by Kent Johnson for Street Fashion Sydney.
Art student - Not the artist - a SFS portrait with a James Ettelson painting.

James Ettelson Everything Is at Art House gallery, Sydney.
21 June–14 July 2018.

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