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Flashback - The First Australian Blogger/Retail Collaboration Back In 2009

This blog post came up as a Facebook memory this morning and it really is a great flashback from the early days of fashion blogging. The very first Australian blogger shop window - back then Matt Jordan had his wildly popular Imelda Matt shoe blog and was certainly a major social media star. Fantastic of course. It was early days and no-one really knew where it could or would go, especially marketing departments; and budgets for working with bloggers were essentially non-existent! Commercial blogging was not yet a reality and as a result Matt shuttered the Imelda blog sometime (not too long) later. For Australia's very first Blogger/Retail collaboration I photographed Matt at my photography studio and then did the digital post work, swapping Matt's for Imelda's face in the mirror. I had previously done the portrait of Matt with the shoes around his neck that he ran with as his media portrait for years and years; along with the group photo with the Tan sisters. Fun days; way way before Instagram came along and changed the face of blogging forever. It's been a wild ride - and it's great to still be here. Text below is from the original post November 2009. I think my writing skills have improved somewhat; and of course I'm still available for all kinds of Blogger collaborations, just contact me!

An early fashion blogger collaboration, portrait and in-store display. Jean Brown Imelda.Com Window Display Brisbane. Installation photo courtesy of Matt Jordan
The first Australian Blogger / Retail Window Collaboration 2009.

Its nice to see blogging, portraiture and retail all getting on so well together. In this case I was able to collaborate with Imelda shoe blogger Imelda Matt once again on a portrait project; this time for a window display in Brisbane's luxury emporium Jean Brown. The shot was done in one fairly quick afternoon session in the studio.
More shots and background on the Imeldific! launch at (links now blank)

Fashion Blogger collaboration - Studio portrait Matt Jordan aka Imelda Matt for an in-store display - the first Australian Blogger Window.

Editorial studio portrait Matt and shoe designers the Tan sisters. Photography by Kent Johnson.

Matt and the Tan sisters from a previous 'shoes and portrait' collaboration project.

Editorial and PR portrait of Matt Jordan aka Imelda Matt with a pair of Dunlop Volleys strung around his neck. Photography by Kent Johnson.
Shoe blogger Matt Jordan aka Imelda Matt
PR Portrait of Matthew Jordan photographed by Kent Johnson.

A big thanks to Matt and everyone at Jean Brown who worked so hard to make this wonderful project possible.

Thanks 2009!

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