Friday, October 22, 2010

Class A, Class A, Australian Carcaine!

Oh NERVO, you naughty DJing Girls. Imagine starting your corporate Gig with "This is Class A, Class A, Class A, Class A, Columbian..." Well you know. It's a voice over Mash up thing from Scarface the Movie or whatever. Of course seeing just how addicted Australians are to their cars perhaps this Anthemic start to the Set was more apt than they could have possibly imagined.

It was a glamorous crowd of indeterminate age (though definitely) on the cool side of 30. The lovely Erin McNaught was busy greeting people as they arrived, the warm up DJ was doing his thing as we all stood around the guest of honor, the New Red Ford Fiesta, rotating like a DJs disk in the middle of the room. The stage was set for one big private party and, I have to say, because I noticed and could not get over it... That was the best sound system I have ever heard at a warehouse event. Whoever set that system up, congratulations you really know your stuff!

The theme was Red and Blue and when I finally developed the courage to unfreeze myself from my wallflower wall I did manage do some moody portraits and document the video crew playing a game of 'how many of us can we fit in a Ford Fiesta'. I did not count but someone may be able to work it out from the pictures, it looked like it could fit quite a few.

Nervo Twins DJing, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 01_600_9888

Red Portrait, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 03_600_9964

Erin McNaught Portrait, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 02_600_0020

Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 04_600_0004

Nervo Twins, Erin McNaught, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 08_600Adj_9901

Shoes, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 07_600_9912

Video Crew, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 06_600_9942

How Many can fit into a Ford Fiesta, Connects Party Sydney 2010 05_600_0009

Mash Up, Ford Fiesta Connects Party Sydney 2010 09_600Comp_9958

I think the outstanding outfit of the night was Olivia Nervo's tight fitting animal print inspired attire teamed with a little leather blouson, Tres Chic. (Or was it Miriam, they are twins OMG!) Bag Raiders also played live running through a set that reminded me of days long past and The Mega Men doing Gigs at Marilyn's Nightclub up in Brisbane during those wonderful art school years.

And the art school memories came flooding back as with some new-best-friends I stashed my bag under the back of the fiesta and hit the dance floor; wondering just a little why the new Ford Fiesta was not perhaps spinning from the ceiling like a giant red mirror ball in the sky...

Much thanks to the lovely people at Ann Morrison PR for the invite and everyone who made the launch such a fabulous night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Street Fashion Sydney's Ideal Spring Weekend

I have a guest blog up on Concrete Playground,

"I must say I was completely chuffed when Concrete Playground approached me and asked if I could write a guest blog about my Ideal Spring Weekend in Sydney. “Of course I would love to” I thought, but then I noticed there was one slightly disturbing problem..."

its right HERE, clickity click the link to read more!

We will return to normal programming here soon.