Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Big Avo Out...

It all started out with some location scouting in Kings X with Stylist, Fashion Writer and sometimes Artist's Muse Rhiannon Bulley. We had spent a couple of hours or so checking out a few spots for a four shot Web-etorial planned for Friday before meeting up with Nyk and Rachael at the Green Park Hotel.

Rhiannon Bulley at Green Park, Darlinghurst Sydney Australia.
We then rolled down the hill (in an orderly fashion) to Stills Gallery to see Trent Parke's 'Please step quietly everyone can hear you'; "This year Magnum photographer Trent Parke, one of Australia's best-known and most original photographers, was commissioned by Sydney Opera House, as an artist in residence, to shoot behind the scenes..."

Trent Parke 'Artists and Openings' Series, 'Please step quietly everyone can hear you' Exhibition, Stills Gallery, Sydney Australia.
Its a great exhibition, well worth seeing and we all got to meet Trent too. Now you don't get to meet Magnum Photographers every day so I seized the opportunity to ask Trent if he would 'pose' for one of my 'Artists and Openings' shots and kindly he said yes. But you can't get an artist set up for a portrait shot at a photography opening without one or two camera handy people getting in on the action too as Trent was letting me with a, "She's stealing your shot". Not that I mind in the least. When the lady beside me mentioned his eyes were shut in her shots I recommended 'tapping' the button faster only to find out the lady 'stealing' my shots was Trent's wife (and photographer extraordinaire) Narelle Autio! It was all fine however as apparently Trent is (not surprisingly) often on hand to offer Narelle similar advice. Hmmm...

desordre Launch 1
Well after all the excitement at Stills, Nyk took us over to a Pop-Up Shop launch on the corner of Riley & Oxford St for 'desordre'. And curiously, speaking of 'stealing' shots over peoples shoulders; it looks like I managed to do just that with Nyk's set-up of the proprietors at the launch of this store. even more curiously, it looks like we managed almost the same portrait set-up from stills. What a strange and wonderful world.

desordre Launch 2

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rachael Contemplates

Rachael Contemplates what needs to be done before end of term at National Art School. Photographed in her backyard in Marrickville. I keep telling her not to worry, shes got the work!

Rachael's work

Relax, its all good.

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