Friday, September 24, 2010

There were more than SIX, I am sure!

Rachael Cassar SIX, 2010 Ecouture Collection.

"Gothic Hijinx" photographed & transformed by Kent Johnson.

I have met Rachael a few times now and she is every bit as charming and lovely as her 'new' Couture Collection or Ecouture as she calls it. I think the E is for Eco as all the fabrics are from deconstructed garments which is also why I wrote new as 'new'. Although the garments have never been seen before the fabrics have had a past life and what beautiful rare and exquisite fabrics they are. I first came across Rachael's vintage inspired (and vintage fabric) creations shooting the Alices Dreamtime fashion story. Thanks to Estelle & Klaus from Design Fed for the heads up and collabo opportunity again. Love you guys. Oh and I am guessing here but I suspect the SIX is Rachael's sixth range. I am sure there will be many many more.

Behind the scenes shots,
Rachael Cassar SIX, BTS

Rachael Cassar SIX

Rachael Cassar SIX, BTS

Rachael Cassar SIX

Rachael Cassar SIX, BTS

Rachael Cassar SIX

Rachael Cassar SIX

Rachael Cassar SIX

Rachael Cassar SIX,

Rachael Cassar SIX

Design Federation on Flickr, the complete 20 shots from the show.
Rachael Cassar

Design Federation

And LASTLY! Hope that all caps word grabbed your attention... I am guest blogging for To-Be-Revealed 'A perfect spring weekend' October 23-24 1010. SOooo if you have an event of any kind you would like Street Fashion Sydney to support or attend over said weekend please email me, should be lots of fun and great exposure on a great Aussie Artz'n'Kulture blog.

Cheers from Street Fashion Sydney.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"get a dog up ya!"

I have no idea at all as to why I decided to title this blog "get a dog up ya" other than on occasion I do become a little sentimental about times past. Yes sadly the day when I was just about the only cyclist on the streets is long long gone. Such was the novelty in those by-gone-(non-PC)-days that when a motorist came across a cyclist winding their way passively along our great city's pot holed roads that they would routinely sing out a greeting like "get a dog up ya", or "get off the bloody road." Of course now everyone has a bike and an awful lot of those people have actually taken to riding them.

Along with the popularity of cycling has come the popularity of dedicated cycling clothing. Now while I did not see any Lycra clad art patrons at China Heights last Friday night I did spot a number of people sporting that classic piece of two wheeled accoutrement, the Cycling Cap.

It does seem mildly perverse that after my last blog on attending an opening at China Heights was about hats that this blog too is about fashion you can wear on your head. But there was not a single Fedora in sight & indeed my Stetson Open Road was resting on my bed post at home as I too had cycled to the event. Even one of Terence Chin's large format photographs had a cycling cap in it and although the show is titled "The Beauty Of The Banal" I am sure he is not making any statements at all regarding the nature of Cycling Caps. In fact I do believe Terence may very well be a cyclist himself which may go some way to explaining the caps other than inner city Hipsterism.

Well with the absence of Woolen Beanies, Fedoras or any hats at all I suppose it is safe to say 'Spring has Sprung', its time to get on your bike & get a dog up ya !~)

Canondale Cycling Cap


New York Cap

Le Pista Resistance Sydney Cycling Cap

Coat, Cartoon Bangle and Grey Marle Tracky Daks

Gingham Check Cap

Portrait with, Red One Less Car with World Champion Ribbon Cycling Cap