Friday, January 30, 2009

Street Fashion at The Australian Centre for Photography

Thursday the 29th was a big day for photography for me. I spent my first full day at my new photo studio in Sydney. My new base where I will be producing my commercial fashion photography. I spent most of the day working on a couple of Editorial submissions that are looking great.

Blundstone Boots ACP

In the evening I headed off to the Australian Centre for Photography in Paddington for the opening of the new series of exhibitions, Batteries Not Included | Angry Black Snake | Big Butch Billboard. Three great shows well worth stopping by to check out. I love art openings and I love the hip cool gallery openings in particular as you can always be certain of seeing some great fashion forward art lovers, or are they just Art Students!

Brown Leather Boots

Really it doesn't matter who they are the fashion is always great. It looks like light summer boots are all the range along with the old student fav, the Aussie Blundstone work boot. You can wear them anywhere, well at least you can if you are a chic.

Lederhausen Boots & Beer

I knew it was going to be a stylish opening from some of the people I saw making there way up Oxford Street towards the gallery from the bus on my there. Including, I kid you not, the lovely girl in the brown lace up boots photographed was one of those spotted on my way.

Unfortunately although I was in the studio all day I only had my tiny Canon IXUS 330 (circa 2002) to shoot with so apologies for the rather raw rough and ready quality of the shots.