Monday, October 6, 2014

Men's style blogger Mr Haggarty does CANTURI.

And I think Mr Haggarty did CANTURI well on that weekday morning the CANTURI ETERNAL launch was on.. There were Christopher and I again; Men's shower gels and deodorants, tick. Luxury watch brand OMEGA, tick. VFNO tick, though not same place same time.. Fine jewellery, CANTURI; well I should have known, tick! Well I do like seeing Christopher's personal style. Not sure if I would turn up to a fine jewellery launch sans socks; but I love those leopard print shoes; that camo craveat; it really works. I can't wear it now though; I wish I could, but then I'm not the young buck I used to be.. At least I can still wear my Prince of Wales Check suit, we do, also have that in common Christopher.

And in case you missed it dear reader; my CANTURI post is here Passion for Design, Passion for Jewellery, Passion for Craftsmanship, Stefano Canturi. That's Stefano Canturi in focus in the second shot, love it, nice to see three men all turned out in jackets and their own individual style.

Men's stylist, fashion editor and blogger Christopher (Mr) Harggarty at the launch of CANTURI ETERNAL in Sydney. Photographed by Kent Johnson for Street Fashion Sydney.

Stefano Canturi and Christopher (Mr) Harggarty at the launch of CANTURI ETERNAL in Sydney. Photographed by Kent Johnson for Street Fashion Sydney.

Mr Harggarty wearing a CANTURI ETERNAL diamond bracelet, and a Prince Of Wales Check or Glen Urquhart plaid jacket.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kings Cross - Coke N Colour - Ruben

If you don't already know the Kings Cross Festival is on very soon. And, and they have and Instagram comp going on and I am pleased to say that Street Fashion Sydney AKA Moi, do have some shots on the short-list. Get your #KingsCrossFestival and #KingsCrossColour working for you on the instagram before time runs out! So here is my most Kings Cross Colour picture to date, for me it would always be the red of the Coke Billboard.. and today with great light, and Ruben fabulous!

 Kings Cross - Coke N Colour - Ruben #KingsCrossFestival and #KingsCrossColour

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gentlemen of Rock Style - Baby On Board - Film Club Darlinghurst.

OK I won't lie this shot is a set up. But it is only a set up of what I saw less than a minuet earlier after leaving Black Eye Gallery, and strolling back towards Kings Cross. I don't really (much) fancy myself as a Cartier-Bresson! Anyway I walked past, then I walked back, and into Film Club Darlinghurst, introduced myself and said hello to Alex and asked if he would mind recreating where he was as I saw him when I walked past. All good and here's the shot, classic Rock look, now more than ever I think and in particular with the Baby Bjorn(ish). Thank you so much; just remember people really are nice!

Alex, Rock Style, Black Tee, Baby Bjorn, Film Club, Darlinghurst, kings Cross, Men's Style, Cuban Heel Boots, Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

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