Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hush Hush - Gossip Couture - Italian Pre-War Elegance..

Out of the Past and into the NOW!

When I received the invitation from Mauricio Alpizar for the Gossip Couture AW 2012 parade with a picture of I think the Andrews Sisters seated, all three in profile with those fabulous 1940s blouses and hairstyles; I immediately wanted to be there! But this was never going to be a show about that Golden period of the USA; no, it was about a far more European, luxurious and decadent period and place, the card was quite simply a teaser! Mauricio has drawn his inspiration from pre-war Italy; and if my cinema going experiences are anything to go by; it was very decadent indeed.

This collection has all the retro style and elegance I had hoped for, and although looking-back for inspiration it moves inexorably forward to a new modernity. This ability to move forward (while taking inspiration from the past), is to my mind one of the greatest hurdles for any designer to clear if they are going to make a success of New-Retro designs without simply being a mimic of the past.

The show opened with what seems to be a peek behind the curtain into a rather exclusive and luxurious Men's Club or was it the fantacy of a gilmpse into an exotic 1940s Italian Bordello? Who cares, the stage was set - Decadence Full Seam Ahead! Lace dresses with gold silk slips, silk dresses, silk and wool blends, "turquoise and gold satin jackets with the softest of gold silk lining, little black dresses with the most intricate of beading," and menswear too...

But what is beautiful and desirable that can't be made even more so by the select addition of a few lovely jewels; Necks, Wrists, Fingers and Lobes where dressed by Tancredi Jewellers creating that final luxurious touch.

Models in Still Life Pose to begin the parade for Mauricio Alpizar, Gossip Couture Launch AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Black Dress with beaded jewel shoulder detail. AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Model in Black Jacket and Skirt, Sleeve Detail.  AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Mens pants & Coat, 600Adj_3881

Gossip Couture Launch, Dress in the spotlight AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Gold Silk empire Line Dress, AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch, Modern Lace Dress with silk lining AW 2012.

Gossip Couture Launch Blue Satin Coat Dress. 600Adj_3886

Gossip Couture Launch , Black V neck silk dress with silver mesh waist.

Gossip Couture Launch Clapping Final walk, models and audience applauding Mauricio.

W12 Invitation Gossip Couture Fina Flyer, AW 2012

"for men, this time offering the lads cashmere and wool knits in vivid hues of jet red, gold and emerald, epiletted trenches of wool blend with highly detailed check lining, and gangster pants with intricate detail pockets front and back".

Thank you Mauricio for a wonderful evening and an even more wonderful viewing. And a thank you to my friend Katerina who assisted as a second set of eyes as I worked the camera making sure that no detail would be missed.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Bespoke Fashion Sydney - William Street Laneway Festival 2011

William St Paddington is Sydney's Fashion Street. I have been coming here for years and years often with a friend or stylist in tow.. These first portraits below are from the William Street Ateliers, yes - fashion made right here, made for you, designed-checked-fitted, and made right here in William Street. Neil Grigg and hats that set mens hearts racing on the head of their favourite filly. Andrew McDonald's fabulous and creatively designed leather shoes and bags; the moment you walk through the door you can smell all that real leather. Sylvia Chan, who (unless you have some kind of magical power of persuasion) only makes a dress once, because why would you do the same thing twice. Can you say Couturier... And I think we can all see what is happening at Matthew Lawrence Bespoke..

That of course is not the end of the handmade on William Street Paddington but if you are in a bit more of a rush, there is no shortage of designers and labels to take your pick from. I'm not going to go crazy trying to describe which-what-wear; you can choose. I do wonder though; even with the sun playing hide-and-seek all day Saturday, if opening up the street to pedestrian traffic in a more full time manner might not be a good idea. Perhaps even if it were simply from 9 till 5... No doubt that will stir the pot a bit; with pros & cons, of dropping things to the door...

And while as with any (or is that every) fashion event there were some DJs DJing. STOP. Listen. There was also the beautiful strains of the Bach Cello Suites floating down and following you along, being played on the street by the equally beautiful Markela Panegyres, who apparently comes all the way from Perth. What are they putting in the water over there.. So here it all is; Lingerie and Shoes, the Casual to what-we-wear when-we-go-out; boutique and bespoke; it's all here. The only real Fashion Street; William Street Paddington in Sydney? Take a trip, take your time; you decide.

Portrait of Neil Grigg, in his millinery store and workshop, Paddington Sydney

Other Andrew at Andrew McDonald workshop and store Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3643

Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival, Sylvia Chan

Matthew Lawrence Bespoke Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3594

Street View, No cars, Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival

White Balloons for White Suede White Suede, Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival

Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3639

Markela Freelance Cellist-Bach Cello Suites-AdjV3_3702

Dearwood wallpaper & lampshades_3646

Actor Jessie Fiona Hack Pddington Fair Day

>kent and Friend at Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival photo by Nyk Sykes

Woman TXTing in the street, Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3621

Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3673

William Street Paddington

Markela Panegyres Cello


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Russian Standard / Shop Til You Drop + Vodka = 30 Daze of Fashion..

You know I think I really have been being a little spoiled of late. And while its true that I was not gifted a huge fat complimentary Shop Til You Drop - World Square gift voucher to go shopping with.. I had my gaily coloured pink wrist band on, I was in the VIP enclosure (or corral as I have been calling them lately) I was surrounded by a bevvy of beauties; not least the lovely ladies from Russian Standard Vodka and their mesmerizing smiles.

As luck would have it I ran into a friend of recent acquaintanceship, fellow Miss Universe Australia judge Peter Sereno and together we saw our way through some Nandos Chicken Pita Pockets (say that fast with a mouth full) and a few responsibly served Russian Standard Vodka drinks. There was superb DJing from DJ Duo 'Rogers' from the stairs above our heads, a catwalk out in front with; mid way, the beautiful Sarah Stephens, MCing the event for fashionistas one and all.

But it all seemed a little like Zeno's Paradox; I was moving forward but getting no closer to the finish line, or not close enough to cross over to break the ribbon. Perhaps it had something to do with that other shopping night out. However if you are simply wondering what the night looked like; scroll down because it looked something like this...

K Russian Standard Vodka Models in Silver Fox hats at World Square's Shop Til You Drop, 30 days of fashion and beauty.

musical duo DJs Rogers Room play 30 Days of Fashion at World Square

World Square Fashion Parade Male Model 30 days of fashion and beauty.

D_Male Model, 30 Days of Fashion World Square

E_6 Leather Shorts and Stripped singlet on Fashion Model, Shop Til You Drop 00-Adj_3508

mens Fashion Shop Til You Drop Parade

Fashion Parade World Square 30 days of fashion

Moschino and Red Jeans Belt Shop Till you Drop

 Peter Sereno at World Square for Shop Til You Drop, 30 days of fashion.

Russian Standard Vodka Girls at World Square, 30 days of fashion and beauty.

Sarah Stephens model at Shop Til you Drop 30 days of fashion.

Thanks to World Square, Shop Til You Drop, Nandos Chicken Pita Pockets & Russian Standard Vodka.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fashion is Complex - Changing, The Wearer's Right - Trade Show - We Were there...

I can never understand when talking to some people and you mention fashion and; they just seem to think its a special realm for no-brain-pixies and well nothing-smart-or-intelligent could ever happen there. But the deeper I get inside of fashion; I realize just how complex it really is - and if you are going to represent fashion, visually; you need a pretty high Fashion IQ which is not an oxymoron, no its something that is incredibly rare and no doubt something of a creative gift...

My reason for clearing the air is that when you are walking around a trade show, EVERYTHING is competing for your attention. Sure you could just look for stuff you like but thats for shoppers not for stylists, commentators, buyers etc... And all 'new' designers or designers 'planning' on launching a range of anything should attend a trade show before they do anything else and meet the competition because; it is fierce!

There were of course some labels that really caught my attention the first being Francis Leon who are designing wonderfully structured Jackets in leather, leather and wool combined jackets, pants, dresses.. And all from Brisbane. I was gob smacked, "its too hot to wear this in Brisbane" I said. Thankfully they have distribution in Melbourne and no doubt here to soon...

New Zealand was powering all over - Lela Jacobs offering with elegant sleek and a little quirky Yves Klein Blue High/second Summer shirts and blouses; 'riddle me this' had sweet 'cotton ball' jackets in cool colours and pretty vintage styled dresses. Kathryn Wilson was showing her shoes, two ranges (more in a separate post to come).

It seems I do have a bit of a shoe fetish if the stands I engaged with most is anything to go by, French shoe makers Twins have a unique (I think) marketing position, buy a pair - a second pair goes to a child in need in a developing country. While Melissa make all their shoes from plastic, not a new brand but new to me.

On the home front, I had a chat to shoemaker Andrew McDonald (last portrait below) about his lovely Mens Shoes; I always find myself ogling his William St shop window, and we also discussed hats, as I was wearing my new hat! Mr Carter had almost every youth marketing to males trick in the book ticked off box by box. I also met and had a fabulous and extended chat to designer Amanda Garrett who is after many years of "going Bridal" yes that was a quote is back doing some fashion for AW12. Affordable lux Gothic inspired pieces. Sorry, no pictures, I was far to busy talking! I have provided a link below to Amanda's site, you might need to email her to see the look-book.

Pot Meets Pop The Wearers Right 3360

portrait of Liz from Riddle Me This NZ_3347

The Wearers Right Twins Stand Fr_3356

TWR The Wearers Right Stands _3391

The Wearers Right Melissa Shoes Brazil_3392

Mr Carter Fashion Label at The Wearers Right 3355

>Lele Jacobs at The Wearers Right_3337

Portrait of Katheryn Wilson The Wearers Right_3344

Fashion Label Francis Leon at The Wearers Right Adj_3336

portrait of Andrew McDonald at The Wearers Right trade show_3342

The Wearer's Right
The Wearer's Right

So some fabulous Brands, beautiful Fashion and clever Marketing! All at Sydney's newest fashion trade show. And did I metion I attened after spending the day as a judge for Miss Universe !~) Will wonders ever cease...


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elodie Silberstein - Sydney Fringe 2011 - CarriageWorks

The exhibition is called IMMERSE and it is a group show at CarriageWorks, part of Sydney Fringe 2011.

Elodies work "The Lost World, 2010" is an instillation (and for the opening) a performance piece which I found to be a completely immersive and mildly disturbing experience. While the three pictures below provide some visual clues as to content of the work and some of its intimate nature, they are but clues and clues alone. The artwork itself is like some-kind-of perfect-fusion; Marcel Duchamp's 'Etant donnés', and George Bataille's 'Story of the Eye' with Grimm's fairy tail'Hansel and Gretel'. This is very much an experiential piece taking in elements of all the five senses...

The Lost World, 2010, still image, Elodie Silberstein

The Lost World, 2010, still image, Elodie Silberstein

The Lost World, 2010, still image, Elodie Silberstein

The Lost World, 2010, Performance Portrait, Elodie Silberstein

And being a group show there is additional video, photographic works, Collage based works and the audience-collaborative work pictured below, 'Eleventh Hour' by 'Archrival' of trellis and thread.
audience-collaborative work, trellis and thread, 'Eleventh Hour' by 'Archrival' at the CarriageWorks Sydney.

I will be heading back to take another look at this exhibition before it closes on the 17th of September. CarriageWorks, Bay 19, 245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh NSW

Elodie Silberstein.