Monday, July 11, 2011

huit8 Lingerie Launch at The Winery on Crown...

Mrs Wang, China Girl; Opium & Love in Shanghai!!! All served with songs from Chanteuse Caroline Nin, glasses of Moet, Quiche Loraine & Rocket Salad... And some simply stunning Women walking by us with nothing on-only thier underwear. Well Surry Hills does have something of a reputation for these kind of goings-on but this was something new for me!

Paris lingerie label huit8 have officially launched in Australia. One of the first things to really strike me about this range from huit8 was its femininity without going all girly ribbons and bows bringing a French sensuality and sophistication. Emerging designers please take note; "Less is More", it's all about the quality and design, the fabrics and the Vision. Tradition blended with inspiration.

And of course I think, there is something for the man in a womans life here too if you follow my thinking; as well as the kind of 'day wear' lingerie that is feminine and comfortable. Or so my female companion informed me..

Now on with the show!

Huit8 Paris lingerie Launch Sydney, Fans & Umbrella

Caroline Nin, Chanteuse at Huit8 Paris lingerie Launch Sydney

Huit8 Paris lingerie Launch Sydney, Model in Bra and Panties

Huit8 Paris lingerie Launch Sydney, Model in Lingerie with Pink Umbrella

Huit8 Paris lingerie Launch Sydney,  Model in Mrs Wang Opium Bra Set.

F Huit8 lingerie Launch Sydney, Model in China Girl Lingerie with pink Umbrella

Huit8 lingerie Launch Sydney, Swimwear G

Huit8 lingerie Launch Sydney, Models and Event organisers group shot, Symbol PR

Yes sometimes it seems I need to pinch myself and remind myself I am not dreaming; this really is real! Thanks to Symbol PR for having me along.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Enmore Sunday Night, Long Coat & Bowler Hat

Yes its been getting pretty cold out on the street at night. Much thanks to this fabulously attired person unknown who allowed me to photograph them at around 11.30 PM last night! Long black coat, black knit scarf & finger-less gloves, black shoes and bowler hat with a 'Mad Hatter' tag in the hat band. And some nice piercings too! Well were in the hip Enmore/Newtown hood say no more. The tree shots from another cold night a few weeks ago in Enmore Park; could not resist putting it up as well.

Long Coats & Bowler Hat  Enmore at Night

Tree & Lights Winter Night Enmore Park

Friday, July 1, 2011

Style, You Got it or you Ain't!

Style, yes you've got it or you haven't; and this is cool & laid back style personified. Of course great style is always personal and there are quite a few style quotes about, Fashion being for those without a sense of style... Fashionistas beware!

Playing pool at The Carlisle Castle Hotel Newtown.

And so it was while I was playing pool last Saturday at the Carlisle Hotel in Newtown when I spotted this guy with his fabulous man bag phone holster. No problem checking his style he was playing pool on the other table. The whole ensemble is great, just check that vest out too. Speaking of fashion; it seems shooting pool is way way out-of-fashion these days as its now super easy to get a table even on open-table free-pool nights. Which suits me fine; my game needs all the practice I can get, seems my youth was not quite as miss-spent as it should have been.