Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love Want launch at Blank Space.

Street Fashion spent a couple of very pleasant hours last night at the launch of 'Love Want', Bec Parsons & Imogene Barron (photographer & stylist). The launch was a one night only event. If there was any doubt about that I think the Sydney City Council rangers that 'closed' the show where a nice touch!

Bec Parsons at The Launch of Love Want

The Art crowd at Blank Space

Bike & Magazine @ Blank Space

Black Tee & Check Jacket

Black Boots and Shoes, Runners, Art Crowd

Red Check Tights

Vintage Seat Belt Buckle Strap

Mums hand made Vintage Bolero Jacket with Rope Braiding.Mums hand made Vintage Bolero Jacket with Rope Braiding.

The Johnsons, Fatigue Shirt

No its not me, really!

A fantastic turnout and some splendid fashion all round. Click the pictures to see them a little larger.
Bec Parsons
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