Monday, August 2, 2010

Island of the Dolls - Beautiful & Scary at the same time...

Monday night openings are a little unusual so thanks to Nyk for taking me along to this very interesting photography exhibition last night in Surry Hills. Sure it was absolutely terrible out in the wind and rain but once we arrived inside the gallery everything was fine. Nyk had told me that the show was documentary photography and as I took a first  glance around the walls I certainly had my doubts. It was pictures of dolls! On closer inspection however these were like no other dolly pictures I had seen before, strange, macabre, inhabiting a very peculiar and particular landscape.

As it turns out they are indeed a series of documentary photographs taken by the talented photographer David Maurice Smith a few years ago on a trip to Mexico City.  David had used his camera to frame the 'work' of one man who had left countless dolls over a period of 50 years, an offering to a child who had tragically drowned in a near by canal!

Its a beautiful series of images, the exhibition is on untill the 21st of August at  65 Foveaux st Surry Hills. Thats about 50 meters from Central, just before the Taxi service station, I am sure you all know the spot.






And something that has not happened yet...

Dutch Artists at SNO, opening this Saturday afternoon the 7th from 3PM, Level 1 175 Marrickville Rd Marrickville. if you like colour, lines, non objective art, this one is for you!

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