Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Brighter Winter Ft. vivalaViv

Yes, what a shock 10 days in warm wonderful Brisbane then a return to freezing Sydney; very much so considering the snow dumps up in the nearby Blue Mountains! So here's a way you stay warm, basic black highlighted with a splash of colour and you can't do better than orange! You can check out vivalaViv here.
Ralph Lauren Boots, Orange scarf, winter coat and black Akubra hat, street fashion Sydney with vivalaViv. Photo - Art Direction by Kent Johnson.

Stay warm, Spring is coming I'm sure!

Kent Johnson, Sydney, Australia.
0433 796 863


vivalaviv.com said...

Fantastic urban orange world...

Thank you Kent! It was great fun!!!

Viv :-*

Kent Johnson said...

Thanks Vivienne, I have been saving that location up! Great working with you again.