Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Launch My Label- *Flash* Kapow!

I was going to title this Blog, 'Why I am the worst best runway photographer in the Universe'  but then I decided that would be far to controversial a title and decided to go with the more pedestrian one above. Yes I have been coaxed yet again to attend a Fashion Show, this time Launch My Label by Chic Petite Events. "This is a quarterly event ,etc etc etc emerging artists, organisations and talented young people to effectively launch their label in the Australian market."

Well that is definitely a good thing & as my readers will know I am becoming quite familiar with the new phenomenon of Fashion as Entertainment! This time I found myself in the photographers 'pit' with a view to doing some real runway shots, well why not. The problem was that I was a bit lazy last night and while I did take my bigger camera I decided to leave my flash behind as I hate carrying too much stuff around. I thought well, I will just make-do.

Making-Do has its own special surprises though and last night it was that as the models made their way to the end of the (short) Runway the spotlights which were only on one side only really illuminated their bodies not their heads. Of course if you were just watching the show you probably would not even notice this but my camera certainly did and I very quickly had to decide if my next Blog would be about 'Headless models on the Catwalk, We only show the clothes'. Ah Catwalk, thats a phrase I far prefer to Runway!

No; headless models would never do, they would never forgive me. Everyone else with a camera was however using flash, they were firing off all around me from every conceivable direction. I thought "you know theres plenty of light going on here I just need to use it", and so I did setting my camera to long exposure and coming up with a kind of beautiful, 'Village of the Dammed' version of Launch My Label that I am sure will be far more entertaining to my readers than any normal runway pictures could ever be.


Launch My Label, 02_600_Adj_9875

Launch My Label, 03_600_Adj_9857

Launch My Label, 04_600_Adj_9811

Launch My Label, 05_600_Adj_9894

Launch My Label, 06_600_Adj_9899

Launch My Label, 07_600_AdjCrp_9926

Launch My Label, 08_600_Adj_9913

Launch My Label, 09_600_Adj_9949

Launch My Label, 10_600_Adj_9934

After the show we, (my photographer friend & I) headed backstage to meet the designers & models and congratulate everyone on a job well done. I was telling everyone "no I don't shoot runway I'm a photographer, but I do have a blog called Street Fashion Sydney". And we were all swapping cards and stories as you do! My cards which are quite big and look like this,

Kirstin Kent Johnson Photographyor this
Adele, Kent Johnson Photographyor this
Chantal, Kent Johnson Photography

Seemed to go down quite well.

But its not about us, its about the designers who last night were, 
Carmen Steane
Clover Love
Laura Maidment
Samantha Chan
Rebekah Anne Fashion

Coco Liberace

As these are emerging designers I think the best way to find them will be to cut and paste their names into that search bar thingie at the top of your Facebook page. Everyone has  a Facebook page & I suspect they do too. You can 'follow' Chic Petite Here.

And if you are at a loose end tonight, The Amnesty International Australia Artists Network has a photography exhibition at Carriageworks, Journey To Freedom. See you all there.

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