Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lolita Sunglasses & Leather Jacket Sydney

Is it just me or have I been seeing quite a bit of these heart shaped 'Lolita' glasses around town of late? Well thats just fine, especially when they are teamed in a great urban assault outfit like this; Black Skivvy, Leather Jacket, Blue Jeans and Pixie-style Biker-rrr Boots-you are ready for anything.

Lolita Sunglasses & Leather Jacket Sydney

And while on the subject of Lolita or at least the Kubrick film version (which I have not seen for many years)... I turned up the interesting tit-bit of info that the Master of 60's Photography Burt Stern was behind the lens (& me thinks the glasses idea too cause he was that kind of guy) of the publicity shot. The glasses were not used in the film itself! I know what you are thinking, "Kent, thats the photographer who did the Marilyn Monroe 'Last Sitting' shoot isn't it?" Well yes indeed it is.


Isn't it interesting how things go together; from here to there and back again!
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