Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr Bhu Where are You? Marrickville...

Not only do new and different things happen when you leave your house on a wet and blustery day. Even if you didn't want to... "What things happen?" I hear you ask, well all sorts of things. Firstly Street Fashion Sydney is going to perform a community announcement for the first time. Mr Bhu is missing-and it would seem that being a Koala-shaped-Teddy-Bear, it is unlikely that he will be able to make it home all by himself! Please check out image #4 in our series, he's a cute fellow and the contact # is there. If you have seen him and have a lead on his whereabouts, please let the owner know.

Red Rain Jacket & Brown Boots, Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Man Boots Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Black Black & Black Boots + Pannier, Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Mr Bhu is Missing Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Shoes, Vintage Fashion  Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Kwan at YHK Vintage Fashion Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Vintage Fashion Marrickville, Street Fashion Sydney

Anyway, post seeing the Mr Bhu poster I dropped into my Fav Marrickville 'Vintage' clothing shop. Its run by a lovely lady by the name of Kwan, if you are buying something from her say hello from Street Fashion Sydney, we are becoming great friends. In fact Kwan has such great stuff I wonder why I am letting the cat out of the bag; I have been getting some great shoes and Man-Boots at rock bottom prices!

So post Mr Bhu, and post a trip to SNO & Kwan at YHK Fashion (264 Marrickville Rd) I actually took some Street Fashion in the Street. I know its been a while LOL & everyone is wearing boots! My flatmate from Chile, me in my 'new' man-boots & a charming German girl who just happened along as per Street Fashion's Raison d'être. And if these shots don't keep the Hipsters out of Marrickville I don't know what will !~))

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