Monday, December 10, 2012

Will Brunton - Gothic Erotic - Raffles Graduate Fashion Design Show

The press release for the show said "Ashen, Utopia, Bohemian, and Sub-Nation" were the themes for the designers; I for one am not sure if Will's designs are "Ashen" part of a decaying world, "Utopia" depending on your bent; or "Sub Nation" part of a new world order - but since Will's garments were more near the end of the show than the start, I think; they may be part of a new super sexy but somewhat dangerous warrior "Sub Nation" she-tribe. Personally I am wondering if Will made that fantastic double breasted suit he is wearing in his portrait  - I want one! Will, as soon as you are back from vacation; lets talk, there are many questions I need answered and I want that suit.

Will Brunton, portrait, Raffles Graduate Fashion Design Show 2012.

Gothic Erotic, Raffles Graduate show 2012, Designer Will Brunton.
Designer Will Brunton takes a bow on the runway with his models, Gothic Erotic, Raffles Graduate show 2012.

And fear not the full Raffles Graduate show post is coming soon, stay tuned!
Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.
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