Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night - It's all in the details.

China Heights was packed as always so I thought I would treat my readers to some fashion details, its about all I had room to get!

Great show, great crowd, sadly Mark Drew was already back in Japan!

Denim JAcket Black Graphic Tee & Necklace

Military style jacket over velvet jacket & black graphic Tee with necklace

Soft silk or satin dress, floral top & black leather jacket and bag

Artwork detail, smoking gun, graphic print

Heart Tattoo and Heart Necklace

Heart Brooch on wool overcoat, over sheer blouse with black spots

Heraldic shield Tattoo on inside forearm

Bombers Beanie, Melbourne invades Sydney...

Rose Tattoo on the back of the neck, gold chains, brown top under black top.

Badges on denim cut-off jacket, Biker style.

Fixie transport, Red White and Sparkles


Joseph Allen Shea
Stephanie Anderson
Dave Ladd
We Buy Your Kids
Mark Drew

Opens Friday May 21, 6-9pm
Continues following Saturday and Sunday, 1-5pm

China Heights Gallery
L3, 16-28 Foster Street
Surry Hills


Telling Stories in Pictures all over..
Kent Johnson, Sydney, Australia.
0433 796 863

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Mark Drew said...

ah, kent. you are such a gentleman / gentle man.