Friday, July 1, 2011

Style, You Got it or you Ain't!

Style, yes you've got it or you haven't; and this is cool & laid back style personified. Of course great style is always personal and there are quite a few style quotes about, Fashion being for those without a sense of style... Fashionistas beware!

Playing pool at The Carlisle Castle Hotel Newtown.

And so it was while I was playing pool last Saturday at the Carlisle Hotel in Newtown when I spotted this guy with his fabulous man bag phone holster. No problem checking his style he was playing pool on the other table. The whole ensemble is great, just check that vest out too. Speaking of fashion; it seems shooting pool is way way out-of-fashion these days as its now super easy to get a table even on open-table free-pool nights. Which suits me fine; my game needs all the practice I can get, seems my youth was not quite as miss-spent as it should have been.
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