Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mark Bode at China Heights and a lot of Tattoos too..

Well if it's Friday night it's China Heights; and this Friday it's international Graffiti, Comic and Tattoo artist Mark Bode. Talking with some of the people in attendance it is pretty clear that he is a legend in his genre and it was all pretty bloody cool at that; just like the crowd. Of course each different artist that exhibits at China Heights brings with them a different style of crowd and that's what I love. Having just delivered a Sydney 'Street Snap' for next months Nylon Japan  in collaboration with street style colleague Xiaohan Shen  and having marched and stood still all over Sydney in the often slim hope of finding Street Style; its nice to go out  and see so much style as well as great art all in one place.

Artist Portrait of Mark Bode at China Heights Gallery600Crp_6443 Mark Bode exhibition at China Heights gallery, man with tattoo on neck photographing orginal drawings by Mark. Red shoes and spotted denim mens shorts 600-Adj_6438 Yellow Shoes Vinyl Dress 600Adj_6428 Pink Hairs and Calf tattoos at China Heights Gallery Sydney 600-Adj_6434 Modern Mohawk and Beard, new hipster style at China Heights 600-Adj_6409 Modern and retro dresses at China Heights 600-Adj_6402

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