Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guy Maestri & Friends - Heavy Ground Opening - Olsen Irwin

I took a seat on the bench across the road from the Olsen Irwin gallery just a little after six and watched the art patrons arriving for the show. It was an interesting night on that front with the different groups arriving at what seemed to me to be quite distinct waves. How should I say this.. the more traditional art set arriving first, then the artist(s)-set, then at quite a gap there was an influx of the student and the 'cool' set although I suppose no-one is cool any-more! And I got to meet Guy at last and take his portrait, a perfect night.

Two fabulous shows, Guy's landscapes in heavy impasto in the front gallery and Emma Van Leest's - Amouris Labour, delicate paper cut-out works in the second.

Guy Maestri, portrait of the artist at his opening - Heavy Ground - Olsen Irwin Gallery Paddington.

Hippie Chic colourful print dress, art crowd - Olsen Irwin gallery Sydney.

Skateboard carried on backpack - girl skater at Olsen Irwin art opening Gallery Paddington.

Blue print shirt, black skirt, Buddha necklace  - girl skater at Olsen Irwin art opening Gallery Paddington.

Taking a phone call in the gallery window - Olsen Irwin Paddington

Street view, Opening night - Guy Maestri - Heavy Ground  - Olson Irwin Gallery
Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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