Saturday, April 20, 2013

For the Record - Art Made/Materials Matter - Manne Schulze / Rachel Park

Two of the exhibitions I attended this week were of particular interest not just because of the works themselves but due to the materials used and the complex nature of the works that were made with those materials. Manne Schulze's 'Vinyl Wonderworld' makes (Re)-use of old 78's & 33 1/3 RPM records to create intricately patterned works both large and small, the contrasting orientation of the sound grooves in the vinyl catching the light and modulating the patternation. Selective use of the record labels colours become the primary pattern source in some works or the colour cue for abstract delineation in others. Repetition, rotation, division and morphing colour labels spin their way into the hypnotic companion Video Work of Ian AndrewsSchulzemix. Till May 4 2013 Syndicate at Danks.

Artist portrait -  Manne Schulze at the opening of 'Vinyl Wonderworld' Danks St Sydney. Photo by Kent Johnson.

Vinyl Wonderworld, diamond shape works with primary colour details, square or cross.

Art crowd and large scale circular Vinyl works by Manne Schulze. Danks St 2013

Discussing the details of the work, Vinyl Wonderworld, Manne Schulze, Danks St.

Floor works, Vinyl Wonderworld, Manne Schulze, Danks St.

Artist portrait, Ian Andrews experiences his video Schulzemix - Danks St 1013, Photo by Kent Johnson.
Artist Ian Andrews experiences his video Schulzemix.

Meanwhile, artist Rachel J Park continues to explore fragility with her installation work 'I AM' at ACCELERATOR Gallery in Pyrmont. 'I AM' was assembled on-site over a two week period using cheap toilet paper, the work certainly can't be moved and a bad bump would most likely destroy it! It's a beautiful and ephemeral piece. I took these pictures including the two portraits of Rachel after the gallery talk on Thursday night. One of the things that surprised me was that the conversation from the floor did (perhaps not surprisingly) keep returning to the material again and again. At which point I piped in that it was now obvious to me that toilet paper is not just a fragile tissue paper it seems to have the nature of a fetish material too - people are obsessive about it! Till 27th April 2013.

Rachel J Park artist portrait with installation 'I AM' Accelerator Gallery. Photo by Kent Johnson. Fuji X-Pro1

Rachel J Park installation 'I AM'  Accelerator Gallery - Pyrmont Sydney.

Rachel J Park artist portrait with installation 'I AM' under ulrtaviolet light, Accelerator Gallery - Pyrmont Sydney.
Rachel Park on Facebook

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.
Special thanks to Juilee Pryor for conceptual assistance on the portrait of Ian Andrews.
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