Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some Winter Night at China Heights..

I do hate it so when some blogger dude apologieses for not posting because-they-were-busy or had suddenly 'got a life' or some other similar lame excuse! So I will not go there, I will just say 'here's some street fashion I prepared a little earlier'... and there is more where that came from too so watch out! Has everyone been enjoying the rain? I think not - well this is what we were wearing on the 31st of May - before the rain began. Enjoy, there's plenty of personal style to saviour in this set of shots.

Winter portrait in black loose weave black tee shirt.

Summer shorts with heavy corduroy overcoat over arm.

Winter Style - Soft felt hat white lace vintage blouse and skirt with camel coat over arm.

Check shirt and two jackets - Men's Winter Style

Chunky knit green jumper with black and white knit scarf - Winter Style Sydney

Black knit vest over check shirt under leather jacket - heavy drawn eyebrows - Women's winter style Sydney.

Denim jackets, knits, checks, - winter style Sydney.

Him, great coat over white polo shirt and black jeans - Her, leopard print shift tee shirt, purple hair, gold bling and Hermes style print pants.

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

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