Saturday, September 28, 2013

Deeper into a Surrealist Bodyscape - Lexi Land's 'Illuminating Darkness' 2013

Last Thursday evening saw the launch of Lexi Land's much anticipated 2013 solo exhibition "Illuminating Darkness" at Leonard Mattis Studio in Sydney's Surry Hills. Much anticipated? Yes I think so, and certainly not only by me after last years successful "Pieces of Me" exhibition shown at the same venue. Lexi has the great sense or is it marketing genius of dropping hints-of-her-new-works; and the occasional completed image onto her facebook page so we all have some idea of where she is going with her next show; which on this occassion seems to be deeper into a DADAist or Surrealist trance and spiritual collaboration with the likes of Man Ray and Kurt Schwitters; all the while becoming her very own auto-manipulated and life-size Hans Bellmer doll.

The evening began in darkness with guests being asked to view the artworks with tiny LED torches and three hours later the evening concluded in the same vein, at which time I took the opportunity to not only photograph a small sample of the works by torchlight (including a shadowy self portrait reflected in Lexi's glory) but also some portraits of the as-always wonderfully-dressed and styled Lexi herself using the very same torchlight for illumination.  "Illuminating Darkness" from now until the 26 of October, details below..

Artist portrait Lexi Land's 'Illuminating Darkness' at Leonard Mattis Studio.

Small framed artwork, Lexi Land's 'Illuminating Darkness' at Leonard Mattis Studio.

Self portrait reflected in..  Lexi Land's 'Illuminating Darkness' at Leonard Mattis Studio.

Detail of DADA, Surrealist collage Lexi Land's 'Illuminating Darkness' at Leonard Mattis Studio.

Lexi in white lace dress with red ribbon belt at Lexi Land's 'Illuminating Darkness' at Leonard Mattis Studio.


Leonard Mattis Studio
8 Fitzroy Place, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia


Tues/Thursday 10am - 8pm
Wed/Fri/Saturday 10am - 6pm

Lexi Land on Facebook
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Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 
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