Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Top 10 Street Fashion Sydney for 2013..

Are lists in or out? I don't really know and I for one don't really care.. What I do know is that 2013 represented the first full calendar year that I spent shooting Street Fashion Sydney (SFS) with the truly fabulous Fujifilm X-Pro1; the first camera I have ever carried with me very very nearly everyday and  everywhere! As a direct result there were two big changes in the life of SFS from working with this camera equipment (and in my life as well); the number of posts increased and the actual size of a blog post shot up dramatically in terms of the number of images used to tell a story, along with an increase in image quality too. The stories I told here on SFS became more detailed and I believe more engaging for my readers and viewers and while retaining high search results for blog posts, the social sharing this year increased exponentially, confirming I think, the increase in quality and engagement. Now if I can just get you all to sign onto the new SFS Facebook Page as well.. then 2014 is sure to be looking like the best year ever!

So here they are, the top 10 of 2013; the absolutely unique point-of-view of what's happening in Sydney from emerging designers to individuals-on-the-street to major brand launches; all documented in fine detail with Lens and the Pen of Kent Johnson, published and presented on Street Fashion Sydney - please do-share and Enjoy!

1) FEEL AND THINK : Fashion Runway Show & Tear-a-Way; Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) in partnership with UTS Fashion Design Department
Theresa Nguyen - Fashion Runway Show presented in partnership with UTS Fashion Design Department at SCAF

2) Stoli ORGNL.TV Launch Sydney - Shot with the Fuji X-Pro1
Sponsors wall - People - ORGNL.TV - Stolichnaya Vodka, Sydney Launch Party, Fuji X-Pro1

3) New Byzantium : Raffles Graduate Fashion Parade 2013 - published just this month and with 55 images, the largest picture post on SFS to date.
 Sheriene Cheng; New Byzantium : Raffles Graduate Fashion Parade 2013 - Photography by Kent Johnson.

4) Andreas Ottensamer 'Yellow Lounge' Sydney with 'The Faders' & Alex Raineri. - selected for use as the official news item on Deutsche Grammophon's Andreas Ottensamer website.
In performance, Andreas Ottensamer clarinete accomanied by pianist Alex Rainer plays 'Yellow Lounge' Street Fashion Sydney

5) Ben Quilty: After Afghanistan art opening NAS 2013. Major artist major show and great fashion moments in the art crowd as well..
Portrait of artist Ben Quilty at the opening of 'after Afghanistan' NAS 2013
Ben Quilty
6) Cross Section Markets - Angel Place Laneway - Sydney! the market may have moved on but the blog's documentation remains.. strong.
Serpent & The Swan dress cross section markets Angel Place Sydney, City Recital Hall in background.

7) Same - Artists and their Posse at 55 Sydenham Rd. So much going on; the Inner-West, Art and Art happening..
Artists portrait, Jack Jeweller / Robert Milne / Marian Tubbs / Eleanor Weber at 'Same' 55 Sydenham Road Marrickville.

8) Noa from X Factor - Adidas & Timberland on the Eastern Suburbs Line. Spotted riding the rails..
Noa from The X Factor on a Cityrail train wearing Adidas pants, Timberland Boots with a denim and leather jacket. Street Fashion Sydney.

9) Art Month Sydney - P-arty on Dudes.. Paddington/Woollarah. the unOfficial story,

10) Yoshimi - Black and Burnt Citrus Colours - York St Sunday. Classic 'one-shot' street fashion.
Burnt Orange and black patterned jeans, black Tee and black leather high platform boots with retro sunglasses - Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson - Fuji X-Pro1

So there are the TOP 10 from over 100 Blog posts on SFS in 2013. I also had the privilege in June of being asked to speak about Street Fashion Sydney at the Subculture Slam - Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. You can check out my talk here,

Wishing all my readers all the best for a happy and prosperous 2014, Kent Johnson, Street Fashion Sydney.
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