Friday, April 11, 2014

Appropriating the Soy Sauce Sushi Fish - Ashiya at House of Cards.

If it's Friday night it must be China Heights; last night it also happened to be the end of Fasshiun week where people wearing designer clothes head to toe get photographed preening in the street and everyone pretends its 'Street Photography' of 'Street Fashion' which, of course, is the last thing it really is. Which is why I am never there - not that anyone asks anyway! Where you can often find me on the look-out for interesting fashion ideas, the kind I consider to be real street fashion - vis-à-vis putting together original looks from what you have in your closet or strewn around your room and not supplied by.. Where you can often find me looking for real street fashion is at indie gallery China Heights on Friday nights. The new exhibition program has cut back to monthly shows so unfortunately you won't find me there quite as often.

Ashiya yellow soy sauce sushi fish print skirt and bucket hat from House of Cards the label at China Heights - Photo by Kent Johnson - Street Fashion Sydney.
This divine outfit was spied at the current show up on the third floor but was captured just inside the entry to the C.H. building while the rain came down outside. Ashiya is wearing her own label House of Cards along with a white Tee from some goose who had to put thier initials DK on it just in-case it got mixed up in the wash. Its an american brand so I am only just a little surprised it does not have DK-NY on it..  But the white patterned bucket hat and the yellow shirt with the cute little soy sauce sushi fish print were designed by Ashiya and I love them & I do love the long sleeve tee as well. Thank you China Heights, thank you Ashiya, and thank you Kirin for the yummy Fuji apple and ginger cider!

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

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