Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backpacks back in style for Hands Free Happiness.

Love them or loath them backpacks, knapsack, or haversacks, whatever you like to call them are a pretty handy way to carry things around and if like me you tend to lug a LOT around with you; a backpack is both convenient and reasonably comfortable. But as these three pictures show a backpack can also be a very stylish fashion bag too; you don't want it bulging and groaning like a doubled-over high-school-students bag, what's that about anyway.. but you can have style and room to get some bits and bobs stowed away all the while keeping your arms available to deliver free hugs or just keep your hands free for other important tasks. These three very different and stylish backpacks spotted at Roslyn Oxley Gallery last Thursday night.

Black coat, pants and Black leather backpack/satchel - Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

Brown leather knapsack with exterior pockets, vintage style - Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

Yellow backpack style handbag - Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

Never-Never Land Collabo at Roslyn Oxley Gallery.. 

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 
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