Saturday, May 23, 2015

I saw Jimmy Barnes at China Heights!

No that was not the name of the exhibition; I did see Jimmy Barnes at China Heights gallery last night. He was there as were a lot of other people for Jesse Lizotte's LOWRIDER photography exhibition of Mexican Gangster portraits and Lowrider car portraits too. And there was a magazine launch in gallery 2 (or next door) called Awake and no it was not a Seventh Day Adventist magazine launch! I don't think they would have liked the crowd at all; but as usual I loved it and here are the shots including a portrait I took of Jessie in the melee of it all. Where's Barnsie? You just need to look closely, he is definitely in there somewhere..
Portrait of Jesse Lizottes at China Heights gallery for  LOWRIDER.
Jesse Lizottes at China Heights gallery for LOWRIDER.
Girls in winter, wet weather jackets and coats, China Heights.
Friends of Jesse - Cwod and woman giving peace sign under gallery show name and description board.
Studded denim jacket, black jeans and Prada satchel.
Jimmy Branes at Jesse Lizottes LOWRIDER photography exhibition, China Heights gallery.
Where's Barnsey?

Blue hair, orange and purple woven geometric pattern winter coat over floral print pants.
Orange hair, pink bag, crowd at China Heights gallery.
Army parka denim skirt black leggings, Blue high waisted jeans grey knit cardigan.
White shoes, runners, slip ons at China heights gallery.
Boys in beanies; Deus Ex Machina bomber jacket, jeans, work boots.
Red cardigan, deep cleavage plaited hair - pushing through the art crowd at China Heights Gallery.
Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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