Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sometimes Big is Better - MBFWA Raffles 2016

Sometimes bigger is better. So I have decided to post my 'Making The Turn' story of the Raffles International Showcase over on Unique Event Photography where you can see 35 colour shots 1000 pixels wide (these are just 600px) from seven graduate Raffles fashion designers; with the size and detail the fashion, the models; that the shots deserve. This is just a little black and white primer to coax you into clicking the link, taking the front row fashion trip, go on, it's worth it I promise!

Iva Pfeiffer- Raffles International Showcase
DE LA MOTTE - Raffles International Showcase
Leah Williams - Raffles International Showcase
CHADDI by Chad Nguyen at Raffles International Showcase - Resort 2016/2017 MBFWA
Leah Williams; Raffles International Showcase; MBFWA
Leah Williams; Raffles International Showcase; MBFWA
Designers from Raffles International Showcase 2016 - #MBFWA  #RafflesMBFWA

JRAA CODE by Jennyfer Alonzo
Iva Pfeiffer - Iva Pfeiffer
Leah Williams - Leah Williams
Queency Yustiawan - Queency Yustiawan
CHADDI by Chad Nguyen
Gemma Saccasan - Gemma Saccasan
DE LA MOTTE by Anne De La Motte

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