Sunday, September 30, 2018

Day One in Venice - Future Doppelganger

Travel always has some surprises in store for you and Venice, the impossible city surrounded by the waters of the lagoon of course would be no exception. White Caviar Life and I managed our 70 KG of luggage from train onto the Vaporetto - the famous water bus of Venice - with a surprising minimum of fuss. I put us on the back way - not down the Grand Canal - to St Marco which probably made life a little less tourist crushed. But bumps did ensue, the wind blew, and not long after alighting the 'bus' I heard a chorus of voices, in English, shouting, 'the hat, the hat'. But whose hat? My New York purchased panama was safely strapped to the back of my day pack; who's could it be and where? Well it was mine of course! And there it was bobbing in the Canal San Marco, the widest of them all, slowly making its way toward the pylons of the pier, dipping ever more slightly into the lagoon; we stood there in shock waiting for it to sink to the bottom, to join that ancient third pillaged column, never recovered, way back when. The Canadians who sounded the alarm were busy asking us 'how much was it, is it special?' and that sort of thing, a man was tempted to dive in a save it for me. No boat hook in view, a broom was spotted, commandeered, and then I stepped over the chains, dipped the broom head toward my hat which was stubbornly refusing to sink; and out it came on the first try. There was clapping, whistling - it had been quite a show apparently, then relief and congratulations all round. Venice had welcomed us well; letting us know the water was going to be present always and to be respected; and then she had another more pleasant surprise. As we dragged our bags across Piazza San Marco; I saw a gentleman in a panama hat (it looked like it might have once had a swimming lesson too); classic attire, a dog, a cane and a fabulous fat cigar! And even with bags in-tow, I attempted my first Street Fashion Venice (I think I had my wet panama on my head). Thank you sir, thank you Venice; what a wonderful welcome you gave us.
Classic Italian menswear for summer, panama hat, linen jacket and trousers, a cane, a dog and a cigar. Piazza San Marco, Venice. Photographed for Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

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