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Book Launch - WILDERNESS: Celebrating Australia's Protected Places..

Well thank goodness someone - many someones have been, for decades trying to and succeeding at, saving Australian wilderness areas. Not that its been a straight line of success, a graph pointing only up. Even today, I think many business people and politicians hold onto the dangerous and outmoded idea that nature is only of value - once you cut it down! So the work of the Society is a hard slog, the path rocky at best, but the rewards great, when they win. And not just a win for the Wilderness Society; but for society as a whole. As I think people are beginning to realise in the face of global warming, or whatever you want to call the great climate change disaster sweeping across everyone's doorstep.
Sydney Book Launch - WILDERNESS: Celebrating Australia's Protected Places..
I was fortunate enough to be invited to this event by the host, photographer Sarah Ducker who's own art works are marvellous pictures made in fragile environments. Sarah was kind enough to open her home in Sydney which overlooks the South Pacific Ocean for the book launch. A view with a significance that would come to bear in Sarah's speech. But first the book. The book is stunning a collection of beautiful pictures of Australian wilderness. Wilderness that we still have in large part thanks to the work of the Wilderness Society and their supporters. This is a beautiful book of photography which you have probably heard nothing about.. you can check it out and buy a copy here it's just fantastic. 'The book celebrates the places Wilderness Society has campaigned to protect for over 40 years, including Kakadu, the Daintree rainforest, the Kimberley and of course, the mighty Franklin river.' I think the reason you probably haven't heard about this volume until now is the society are just too busy dealing with the day to day of saving these vast resources - resources just as they are, from the tyranny of progress - to make selling the book a priority. Which I guess is where I come in to do my bit.
Speeches at the Sydney Book Launch - WILDERNESS: Celebrating Australia's Protected Places..
Now launches mean speeches; but I'm not going to go into any great detail other than two points from two of the speakers. Tim Gartrell, (Campaign Director for the successful 'yes' vote in favour of marriage equality at the 2017 Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey). Tim dropped this stunning piece of information; that it takes about 1.5 million dollars to lobby successfully to change legislation. Which is a bit more than an email or phone call to your local member - though that is very important too! And the current legislation is not iron clad; 'protected' wilderness areas are not as safe as one would have hoped. And some are still under development threat. So there is more lobbying to be done, and that means more money so - buy the book - it will help and you get a great book..Listening to the speeches at the Sydney Book Launch - WILDERNESS: Celebrating Australia's Protected Places..
The other speech was an incredibly heartfelt one by Sarah. The most poignant point for me was her observation of the vast ocean, seen daily from her vantage point on the cliff - how the ocean, the atmosphere, how that great vastness, over the past decade has really changed. To paraphrase incredibly poorly; the ocean has gone from a classic seascape to a constant boiling pot, a watery miasma. Which I took as a portent of things to come. So there's work to be done; these guys, the Wilderness Society have been at the forefront of environmental protection for a long time. You can donate, or buy the book using the direct links to their website. You can also help by sharing this blog post using the buttons on the side bar.Sarah Ducker speaking at the Sydney Book Launch - WILDERNESS: Celebrating Australia's Protected Places..
Sarah Ducker receives a copy of the book and a hug - WILDERNESS: Celebrating Australia's Protected Places..
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