Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hush Hush - Gossip Couture - Italian Pre-War Elegance..

Out of the Past and into the NOW!

When I received the invitation from Mauricio Alpizar for the Gossip Couture AW 2012 parade with a picture of I think the Andrews Sisters seated, all three in profile with those fabulous 1940s blouses and hairstyles; I immediately wanted to be there! But this was never going to be a show about that Golden period of the USA; no, it was about a far more European, luxurious and decadent period and place, the card was quite simply a teaser! Mauricio has drawn his inspiration from pre-war Italy; and if my cinema going experiences are anything to go by; it was very decadent indeed.

This collection has all the retro style and elegance I had hoped for, and although looking-back for inspiration it moves inexorably forward to a new modernity. This ability to move forward (while taking inspiration from the past), is to my mind one of the greatest hurdles for any designer to clear if they are going to make a success of New-Retro designs without simply being a mimic of the past.

The show opened with what seems to be a peek behind the curtain into a rather exclusive and luxurious Men's Club or was it the fantacy of a gilmpse into an exotic 1940s Italian Bordello? Who cares, the stage was set - Decadence Full Seam Ahead! Lace dresses with gold silk slips, silk dresses, silk and wool blends, "turquoise and gold satin jackets with the softest of gold silk lining, little black dresses with the most intricate of beading," and menswear too...

But what is beautiful and desirable that can't be made even more so by the select addition of a few lovely jewels; Necks, Wrists, Fingers and Lobes where dressed by Tancredi Jewellers creating that final luxurious touch.

Models in Still Life Pose to begin the parade for Mauricio Alpizar, Gossip Couture Launch AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Black Dress with beaded jewel shoulder detail. AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Model in Black Jacket and Skirt, Sleeve Detail.  AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Mens pants & Coat, 600Adj_3881

Gossip Couture Launch, Dress in the spotlight AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch Gold Silk empire Line Dress, AW 2012

Gossip Couture Launch, Modern Lace Dress with silk lining AW 2012.

Gossip Couture Launch Blue Satin Coat Dress. 600Adj_3886

Gossip Couture Launch , Black V neck silk dress with silver mesh waist.

Gossip Couture Launch Clapping Final walk, models and audience applauding Mauricio.

W12 Invitation Gossip Couture Fina Flyer, AW 2012

"for men, this time offering the lads cashmere and wool knits in vivid hues of jet red, gold and emerald, epiletted trenches of wool blend with highly detailed check lining, and gangster pants with intricate detail pockets front and back".

Thank you Mauricio for a wonderful evening and an even more wonderful viewing. And a thank you to my friend Katerina who assisted as a second set of eyes as I worked the camera making sure that no detail would be missed.



ynphoto said...
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Kent Johnson said...

Hi ynphoto

Thanks for your comment; let me try to explain what is happening here on Street Fashion Sydney (SFS).

First & Foremost; SFS is a style blog not a photography blog. OK its written by a photographer, me, Kent Johnson & it uses pictures taken by me but it is by no means a commercial vehicle for my photographic work. If you want to see my commercial, work please use the links to my photography website at the top of the page.

These so-called blurry pictures (& if you read through older posts I do say "best of blurry photography") are documents of the event seen thorough my eyes as a guest. I do not attend these events as an event photographer. As such I have the luxury to make pictures as I choose & I choose to create images that I believe transmit the feeling of the event to people who were not there at the time. And personally I feel these shots reveal details that are far less-obvious in more normal pictures.

Of course if what you see whets your appetite for more; there will be plenty of other pictures (of the dresses) on the internet if you want to see them! And I provide links for that at the bottom of most posts.

I am very proud of all the pictures I show on SFS & they have all been selected by a rigorous selection and editing process & all receive full attention by way of post-processing as well. They certainly represent an different creative approach and another point-of-view.

Please take some time to look over some previous posts & my commercial work as well & I think you will see things are quite different to how you first thought they were.


Kent Johnson.