Monday, September 26, 2011

Bespoke Fashion Sydney - William Street Laneway Festival 2011

William St Paddington is Sydney's Fashion Street. I have been coming here for years and years often with a friend or stylist in tow.. These first portraits below are from the William Street Ateliers, yes - fashion made right here, made for you, designed-checked-fitted, and made right here in William Street. Neil Grigg and hats that set mens hearts racing on the head of their favourite filly. Andrew McDonald's fabulous and creatively designed leather shoes and bags; the moment you walk through the door you can smell all that real leather. Sylvia Chan, who (unless you have some kind of magical power of persuasion) only makes a dress once, because why would you do the same thing twice. Can you say Couturier... And I think we can all see what is happening at Matthew Lawrence Bespoke..

That of course is not the end of the handmade on William Street Paddington but if you are in a bit more of a rush, there is no shortage of designers and labels to take your pick from. I'm not going to go crazy trying to describe which-what-wear; you can choose. I do wonder though; even with the sun playing hide-and-seek all day Saturday, if opening up the street to pedestrian traffic in a more full time manner might not be a good idea. Perhaps even if it were simply from 9 till 5... No doubt that will stir the pot a bit; with pros & cons, of dropping things to the door...

And while as with any (or is that every) fashion event there were some DJs DJing. STOP. Listen. There was also the beautiful strains of the Bach Cello Suites floating down and following you along, being played on the street by the equally beautiful Markela Panegyres, who apparently comes all the way from Perth. What are they putting in the water over there.. So here it all is; Lingerie and Shoes, the Casual to what-we-wear when-we-go-out; boutique and bespoke; it's all here. The only real Fashion Street; William Street Paddington in Sydney? Take a trip, take your time; you decide.

Portrait of Neil Grigg, in his millinery store and workshop, Paddington Sydney

Other Andrew at Andrew McDonald workshop and store Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3643

Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival, Sylvia Chan

Matthew Lawrence Bespoke Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3594

Street View, No cars, Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival

White Balloons for White Suede White Suede, Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival

Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3639

Markela Freelance Cellist-Bach Cello Suites-AdjV3_3702

Dearwood wallpaper & lampshades_3646

Actor Jessie Fiona Hack Pddington Fair Day

>kent and Friend at Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival photo by Nyk Sykes

Woman TXTing in the street, Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3621

Paddington’s William Street Laneway Festival  600Adj_3673

William Street Paddington

Markela Panegyres Cello



The Other Andrew said...

You scrub up well Kent! Very stylish.

Lee Oliveira said...

I really wanted to go check this out. year. Some great captures.