Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fashion is Complex - Changing, The Wearer's Right - Trade Show - We Were there...

I can never understand when talking to some people and you mention fashion and; they just seem to think its a special realm for no-brain-pixies and well nothing-smart-or-intelligent could ever happen there. But the deeper I get inside of fashion; I realize just how complex it really is - and if you are going to represent fashion, visually; you need a pretty high Fashion IQ which is not an oxymoron, no its something that is incredibly rare and no doubt something of a creative gift...

My reason for clearing the air is that when you are walking around a trade show, EVERYTHING is competing for your attention. Sure you could just look for stuff you like but thats for shoppers not for stylists, commentators, buyers etc... And all 'new' designers or designers 'planning' on launching a range of anything should attend a trade show before they do anything else and meet the competition because; it is fierce!

There were of course some labels that really caught my attention the first being Francis Leon who are designing wonderfully structured Jackets in leather, leather and wool combined jackets, pants, dresses.. And all from Brisbane. I was gob smacked, "its too hot to wear this in Brisbane" I said. Thankfully they have distribution in Melbourne and no doubt here to soon...

New Zealand was powering all over - Lela Jacobs offering with elegant sleek and a little quirky Yves Klein Blue High/second Summer shirts and blouses; 'riddle me this' had sweet 'cotton ball' jackets in cool colours and pretty vintage styled dresses. Kathryn Wilson was showing her shoes, two ranges (more in a separate post to come).

It seems I do have a bit of a shoe fetish if the stands I engaged with most is anything to go by, French shoe makers Twins have a unique (I think) marketing position, buy a pair - a second pair goes to a child in need in a developing country. While Melissa make all their shoes from plastic, not a new brand but new to me.

On the home front, I had a chat to shoemaker Andrew McDonald (last portrait below) about his lovely Mens Shoes; I always find myself ogling his William St shop window, and we also discussed hats, as I was wearing my new hat! Mr Carter had almost every youth marketing to males trick in the book ticked off box by box. I also met and had a fabulous and extended chat to designer Amanda Garrett who is after many years of "going Bridal" yes that was a quote is back doing some fashion for AW12. Affordable lux Gothic inspired pieces. Sorry, no pictures, I was far to busy talking! I have provided a link below to Amanda's site, you might need to email her to see the look-book.

Pot Meets Pop The Wearers Right 3360

portrait of Liz from Riddle Me This NZ_3347

The Wearers Right Twins Stand Fr_3356

TWR The Wearers Right Stands _3391

The Wearers Right Melissa Shoes Brazil_3392

Mr Carter Fashion Label at The Wearers Right 3355

>Lele Jacobs at The Wearers Right_3337

Portrait of Katheryn Wilson The Wearers Right_3344

Fashion Label Francis Leon at The Wearers Right Adj_3336

portrait of Andrew McDonald at The Wearers Right trade show_3342

The Wearer's Right
The Wearer's Right

So some fabulous Brands, beautiful Fashion and clever Marketing! All at Sydney's newest fashion trade show. And did I metion I attened after spending the day as a judge for Miss Universe !~) Will wonders ever cease...

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