Thursday, June 28, 2012

700 Photos - and then some MORE!

It seems this is my second outing to the Jesse Willesee "700 PHOTOS" extravaganza at Darlinghurst's Darlo Bar, a very very crowded hallway - 7 rooms of fashion and 'performance art'. The concept is all-inclusive as all-comers are asked to bring their camera becoming part of the event, photographing (being photographed) and pushing their shots up onto the dedicated Facebook page; in a kind of documentation that is as much the art work (Jesse's, Ours? ) as the nights performances themselves. This ultra high level of interactivity is perhaps the most unique part of the performance night as a whole and even the distinctly 'low art' aspect of Facebook validation of your shots and the performers work makes me wonder if the Biennale of Sydney perhaps missed out on a home-grown-art-hero by not having Jesse's extravaganza on the list of events and exhibiting artists. After all the Biennale has their own Facebook page too; perhaps its Cockatoo Island for Jesse in two years time? Fingers crossed, for my next visit I would like to enjoy the view but avoid the crush!

Laurel & Hector Vintage, Kee Kee and Friends, 700 Photos Darlo Bar, Jesse Willesee 2012

Jim Shirlaw art performance, poster on door, 700 Photos Jim Shirlaw art performance, Jim performing on bed, 700 Photos, Darlo Bar, Jesse Willesee 2012
Jim Shirlaw art performance, mirror shot of Jim performing on bed, 700 Photos Jim Shirlaw art performance, Door text, 700 Photos

American Hippie Style, 700 PHOTOS, Darlo Bar 2012

My first outing to 700 PHOTOS was back in 2010, crowded but with not quite the same degree of crush!
Absentis XVI fashion performance - 700 PHOTOS, 2010

700 PHOTOS, 2010, fashion in the hallway
700 PHOTOS, 2010, crowd in the hallway
Special thanks to Kee Kee from Laurel & Hector Vintage for the invite, you can check out their Vintage Fashion here and on Facebook here.
View the 700 or 7000 photos from the night on Facebook here.
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