Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Watches White Sunnies & Teen Singlet - Men's Style at VFNO

Well OK I got this shot off of this charming and I suppose a little eccentricly dressed gentleman while I was awaiting the arrival of Miranda Kerr at the KORA stand in Martin Place last week at VFNO.
You know I think there is a time in some peoples life when they just say to hell with fashion; I'm going my own way. And if you can do that with style then there is no holding you back. And this is style, its the kind of street style I love and it all works, from the red web belt with the blue jeans, the colours of the Gothic munch-kin print on the white singlet - Blue -White - Red - right down to the watch faces. Fantastic, we need more of this in Sydney!
Mens Style Sydney - VFNO - Two watches, jeans singlet white sunglasses - Fujifilm X-Pro1
And if anyone can identify the character on the singlet, please let me know in a comment below. I know I should know it; almost on the tip of my tongue, but...

Shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the 18mm lens.


abby said...

I think the guy looks exotic in the sense that he's wearing lots of wristwatches with ill fitting top. What look do you think he's trying to portray?

Kent Johnson said...

Abby, I thinks it's just as I say above. Some people just get their own unique style happening - this is what you are seeing here and I for one think its a job very well done. BTW the watches are set to two different time zones so; this is probably some well-off well-connected individual, who does not need to worry about what other people think.