Sunday, September 2, 2012

RM Williams Boots & Spotted Fishnet Stockings

Friday night 'out-back' at the Clare Hotel, RM Williams Boots - "5 Percy St Prospect" - it's probably all you need to say to an owner of a pair of RM's, with the address of the original store woven into the two tug pulls, if you have ever owned a pair you will get the reference immediately!  I wonder if there is another shoe  manufacturer that embroiders its home address right there on the product in such a way, name on the front, 'we are here' on the back.

RM Williams Boots & Spotted Fishnet Stockings, Jean Jacket, Black Skirt, Fujifilm X-Pro1, Clare Hotel Sydney

I love the way young women wear boots like these ones from RM Williams. They are instantly recognizable and have the perfect inner city art school chic look - especially if you team them as they have been here with a denim jean jacket, 'print' tee, spotted fishnet stockings and black skirt, jumper wrapped around the waist until required. its a bit of a cool urban assault outfit that should get you into any club in town.

But it can't just be me who loves this look, my somewhat similar 'Summer' picture of Blundestone Boots and a denim skirt from 2009 is still getting daily clicks from people searching 'Blundstone' and is one of my most viewed posts..

Shot with the incomparable Fujifilm X-Pro1.
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