Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kurt Sorensen 'into the unknown' - Plump Gallery 'Matters of the Heart'

It's been an interesting week for art & fashion already; & with the Bill Henson show tonight.. well it is no where near over yet, and its only Thursday. But so far it's two/three photography exhibitions and it would probably be fair to say that all three are at the beginning of their art careers. That said; Kurt is a fair way down the track and already at or beyond the pivotal launch point of what I think is going to be a solid career in art photography with a focus on the landscape and history. This is Kurt's unique approach to photography and its the sort of simple yet sophisticated idea that has you saying to yourself. "I wish I had thought of that!' I first saw his work at MCAP 2011 and again, 'historically' based portraits with landscape triptych at MCAP 2012. This show 'into the unknown' was produced in part from an Artists Residency at Hill End, a residiency that seems to be helping artists to produce some really splendid work. Of course Kurt also has some stylin' friends who were kind enough to let me photograph them for Street Fashion Sydney, including Kurt himself, in the artist portrait below.

Kurt Sorensen; Artist Portrait, opening night 'into the unknown' Dickerson gallery

Spotted Blue on Grey coat - Fashion at Dickerson Gallery

Leopard print dress with plunging neckline, knee boots, black bag and jacket.

Cable knit leggings, boat shoe, Spotted Blue on Grey coat - Fashion at Dickerson Gallery

Blue Turban, yellow singlet under black mesh top, frilled and layered black leather bag.

Collaboration -  'Matters of the Heart' - Plump Gallery..

'Matters of the Heart' by El Cesana along with the photography and installation work of Aaron Stathi was a very different art show with both artists, Aaron in particular at the very beginning of their public art journey.
I do think they had the bad luck of the weather being particularly miserable on Tuesday night but the smaller turnout (at least while I was there) gave me plenty of room to view the art and meet and photograph the artists. I am not sure the general public realise what a big call it is to put your work up on a wall in a public space, gallery, cafe, wherever; and then have people come down and take a look. But it does take courage and commitment, much much more than simply posting your work on the internet! We need more of it.
Collaboration -  'Matters of the Heart' - Plump Gallery. El Cesana and Aaron Stathi

Artist Portrait, El Cesana  'Matters of the Heart' - Plump Gallery.

Artist Portrait,  Aaron Stathi with installation work, - Plump Gallery.

Kurt Sorensen 'into the unknown'
19 Sep 2012 - 14 Oct 2012

Matters of the Heart - Plump Gallery
Tuesday the 18th September until Tuesday the 25th of September

Artist and fashion pics shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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