Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being Born Again, RAFW Prequel...Hallelujah!

Art & Fashion mixed it up big time in this designing duos x 10 Couture collabo extravaganza at NAS, the National Art School last night in Sydney. As I think you my wonderful readers are fully aware by now. Most of the 'street style' I blog about here usually happens when I am out at art openings; personally I think this is just fine as the art crowd usually have a mind of their own & tend to do things a little differently anyway. So  last night at the NAS where I have attended many memorable openings (one of my most memorable experiences was beating author & art critic Robert Hughes to the very last glass of red wine one night by the slimmest of margins), was an event stylish, fun and quite I think outside of the usual.

We knew we were in for a stylish night right off the bat when we saw one of the shows Creative Directors Emily Fitzgerald in a stunning dress (which I shall describe later) and the most serious set of door people I have ever seen at an NAS opening. There was going to be no sneaking into this show!

And so it was that even though I had asked exhibiting designer & photography client of mine Shadi Tambrchi of Lulu in Chains if she could 'get me in' unfortunately this was a strictly +1 event. I even asked Emily a few weeks ago at another opening if she could slip Street Fashion Sydney a press pass only to find out I had left it too late, the event was already over subscribed. Fortunately, Freelance Stylist/FashionWriter/Editor extraordinaire (and personal friend) Rhiannon Bulley had a +1 press pass for Tangent Mag. And so it came to pass that a handbag I was to become, or at least a friend that could carry one.

Rather than doing the oh-so-boring thing of putting a picture up with the designer info below it I am going to give you all the the link to the 'Being Born Again' website (navigate to the Artist/Designer Collabbo page) and see if anyone out there; can can guess/see/work-out which dress belongs to who. I think the (mildly blurry atmospheric) shots contain all the clues you need; the magic link is HERE.

But enough already, on with the show!

Being Born Again, Shot 1
Being Born Again Parade, Shot 2
Being Born Again, Shot 3
Being Born Again, Shot 4
Being Born Again, Shot 5
Being Born Again, Shot 6
Being Born Again, Shot 7
Being Born Again, Shot 8
Being Born Again, Shot 9

So there are your nine Designer/Artist Collabo shots (the 10th is the Jewelery)
Lets see how you go & in about a week I will post the who is who under the shots in informative style.

Crowd, Being Born Again

Installation, Being Born Again

Lindy Lee and Emily Fitzgerald, Being Born Again

Lindy Lee and Emily Fitzgerald.

And as I promised a few words about Emily's dress which as you can see has a face on the front. This dress was causing quite a stir due to the nature of its extremely low cut back. I am not sure if many people noticed but I fancied I could see a face on the back as well! But it was not just the dress it was a combination of the lowness of the cut of the back which made a deep scoop like a smile way down south, if you can imagine for a moment two cheeks together and a line a little like a tiny nose and two petite dimples just above and there you have it; a smile a nose between the cheeks and a pair of eyes. A very daring look but Emily pulled it off with complete Panache. I guess when you have been a Vogue cover girl you just do it! Perhaps surprisingly this was one picture I was a little worried about taking with my camera so you will have to create the vision in your minds eye instead.

Enjoy the shots, visit the Being Born Again website for lots more information about the project. And please post your thoughts about the show in the comments section below.

Thanks to Emily, Davina Reichman, the Designers and Artists and all the people who made the show happen. Congratulations on a great show, lets do it all again next year.

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