Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nude, is the New Black!

I suppose it had to happen & I am not referring to garments in a skin tone style. Nudity it seems is everywhere in fashion right now. Not just the flash of a breast or of a pretty young quim as photographed for Vogue France by Mario Testino. We are talking about full nudity, whatever happened to the clothes! Over the past couple of days I have been perusing the editorial photo stories over on Fashionising & can you imagine my shock and horror to find full frontal female nudity! OK Helmut Newton probably got there first in a strictly fashion sense with shots like "The Unclothed and the Clothed" for Vogue France circa 1981 or; even earlier with "Laura dressed in a fox cape, Avenue George V, Paris, 1974".
I am not sure why they always put NSFW next to these stories but being a photographer and being quite frankly mildly dishlexic; I always think the story has something to do with NSW the Australian state I live in and always click to see what is going on. Of course being so socially minded and a touch touched, as the saying goes as you can well image I get to see an aweful lot of nudity every single day! It kind of reminds me of my first job where there was a pile of Playboy magazines in the lunch room, I mean that was at work... Not to mention the first photographer I ever worked for shot for both Playboy & Penthouse & that was work! Sure it was a dirty job but someone had to do it...
So as you can probably imagine I was quite overcome; in a William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, "Cut Up" kind of way, when I attended last night; the 'Qualia' show at Mils Gallery near Central Station in Surry Hills.
Not only was there a B&W nude floating in the galleries display window; but once inside there was all manner of phsyco-sexual imagery! But enough of my talk, here are the shots from last night.

600_Adj_7592Art Performance.

600_Adj_7554The Vulvic Knitting Nancy

600_Adj_IMG_7590The phallic Rorschach Blot, (there was also a wombic one).

600_Adj_7581My own attempt at a photographic Rorschach test outside!

600_dble_Adj_7575J.G. Ballard would be proud; no?

600_Ella_Condon_7559Picture (from the show) by Ella Condon. There's a theme er I think...

600_Sml_Dble_7608I always have a soft spot for Houndstooth Tweed.

600_adj_7602This shoe and tights como reminded me of one of the great loves of my life. Meagan; come on lets talk, its been forever!

600_Adj_7566Ernest Aaron photographed in front of his work. Strangely I Perceived no Psyco-Sexual nature to this work at all (it could just be me) and asked him how he got to be hung in this show? However I did invite him to my show at SNO. BIG PLUG

I am having a solo show of my SNO portraits at SNO on the 8-05-2010, thats next month! Its my second solo and will feature over 30 of my SNO portraits taken over the last 4+ years. The show is also part of the Head On Photography Festival.

Opening is 3 till 6 pm on the 8th, all welcome. See you there.

Sydney Non Objective Gallery
First Floor 175 Marrickville
Road Marrickville.

All I can say is the 90s porn of Terryworld is gone. Black is Back. And it's wearing such a fine thread, no-one can see it at all. Great show. on NOW!

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Unknown said...

I love how you shoot and I love how you write :)

PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)