Monday, February 28, 2011

Lisa Blue & Whales Call Too..

Well when I received the invitation for this launch I immediately wondered "how will they pull-off a launch at the Andrew Boy Charlton pool?" I had visions of Femme fatale models swimming laps while we Fashionista types sipped our Champagne (or was that Australian sparkling white wine I forgot to check) and puffed away on long impossibly thin cigarettes while shielding ourselves from the blinding-white harbour-light; as we stood, watching, on the old concrete bleachers that were (yes were) such an Iconic part of the Old-Boy Charlton pool.

Yes you are right, I had forgotten its all been renovated! And years ago at that; so no such fate awaited us or the quiver of models who where there to strut their stuff for the Lisa Blue swim label 2012 collection! Two thousand and twelve! And I was just getting used to 2011. This was the launch but if you were not there, fear not; come Rosemount Fashion Week you can can get a look too, but till then here is my (special custom blurry) look at a mere six of the many suits we saw on the day.

Lisa Blue Swimwear Launch 01_600Adj_0811

Lisa Blue Swimwear Launch 02_600Adj_0768

Lisa Blue Swimwear Launch 03_600Adj_1047

Lisa Blue Swimwear Launch 04_600Adj_0805

Lisa Blue Swimwear Launch 05_600Adj_0745

Lisa Blue Swimwear Launch 06_600Adj_0757

[As you may notice I managed to find myself a nice picture taking pozzie where I was able to get the old Garden Island crane in some shots too! I so love that crane; note to self, organise a fashion shoot at Garden Island Navy base, maybe something with a military theme... Keep idea to self!]

Lisa Blue - Call of the Whale is more than just a name, 25% of profits are going to saving Whales and Dolphins so you get your swimmers and you get to help the ocean's biggest people you love at the same time. Not sure if anyone has done something as bold as that before but there you go. I like the idea!

For more info, etc click Lisa Blue here.

Thanks to Faith & everyone at RAW Fashion Agency, you guys rock!
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